April Anderson (2004) graduated with a psychology major. April obtained a DO from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. April now works as a psychiatrist at Chesapeake ADHD Center.

Mel (Branco) Bowman (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Mel is a child support specialist in St. Croix County.

Amy Gleichman (2005) graduated with a neuroscience major. Amy obtained a PhD  in neuroscience at U-Pennsylvania medical school. She won an award from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Amy is now a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA.

Elizabeth Johnson (2007) graduated with a psychology major. Elizabeth obtained a PhD  in biological anthropology at the U of Michigan. She conducted research in the field with white-faced capuchins, orangutans, and howler monkeys post-Carleton.

Rachael Klein (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Rachel obtained a PhD in psychology from the University of Minnesota. She is now the director of talent analytics at Korn Ferry.

Alison (Lewis) Alden (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Alison obtained a PhD in clinical psychology at Northwestern University. Is now a clinical psychologist at The Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago.

Randi Martinez (2004) graduated with a psychology major/women’s and gender studies concentration. Randi earned her MSW with a concentration in mental health and interpersonal counseling from University of Michigan Ann-Arbor. Randi now works as a career consultant for Michigan State University.

Anne (Annie) Olinick (2004) graduated with a psychology major. Anne obtained an MA in counseling psychology from New York University. Annie is also a doula and a massage therapist. She currently is a mental health counselor with a private practice in Massachusetts.

Maren Sonstegard (2005) graduated with a psychology major. Maren is now a senior compliance manager with RBC Global Asset Management.

Karen Yee (2004) graduated with a studio art major.