Julie Neiworth has accepted about 10 students each year to work as collaborative researchers in the academic year, and 4-6 student researchers every summer. The tamarin project started December 1998 after a small group of willing students remained over Winter break to help settle 8 adult monkeys, and on December 24, 2 babies, into Carleton’s colony.

Sam Anders, in the lab!
Samantha Anders, 1998
Julie Neiworth and daughter Issy Bilek in 1998
Julie Neiworth and daughter Issy Bilek, 1998, staying late to look after the new monkeys.
Julie Neiworth, 1998.
Akili Estrella, the first lab manager, with a virtual monkey!
Akili Estrella, 1998
Summer Lab 2019
Summer Lab 2019

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