Student Research Opportunities

If you are interested in monkey care or monkey research (or both), please email Julie Neiworth. She keeps a running list of interested students and tries to work them into the lab within 1 year of the request.

There are various options for this kind of work as well. Julie offers paid care positions at 3 hours/week and students doing care are automatically able to do research, but on their own time (outside of the 3 hours/week of care). If the project is independently developed by the student, the student can take an independent study for 3 – 6 credits, depending upon the amount of work, the number of meetings needed, and the writing involved. Finally, Julie has an NIH grant through which she has proposed 3 major projects, and there are funds during the terms and during breaks for students to help with those projects.

All research students must help with some care so that the monkeys recognize you as a neutral or food-giving entity. The monkeys need to see you at least 2–3 times per week to remember you, and in order for them to ignore you and play a game or participate in research, they must be very familiar with you.