Updates to Strategic Direction

19 October 2023

I hope that many of you enjoyed Family Weekend and Midterm Break. The halfway point of fall term also marks an important concluding step in the college’s strategic planning process. Tomorrow I will be sharing the final draft of Carleton 2033: The Liberal Arts in Action with the members of College Council for their review and potential approval on October 24, and with the Board of Trustees for discussion and potential approval on October 28. 

This draft will be posted online on the Carleton 2033 website as a PDF for anyone who wishes to read it at this final stage. If approved, the strategic direction will be shared, in the form of a new website, with the entire Carleton community in the week following the Board meeting. 

I am very grateful to the many faculty, staff, and students who took part in the various feedback sessions we have had this term. As a result of that input, the Coordinating Committee has made a number of key changes to the strategic direction draft, including:

  • Reorganized the draft around three values rather than four: community, curiosity, and impact. All of the recommendations from the former Citizenship section remain, but some now appear in section 2, and others in section 3.
  • Identified areas of the strategic direction that are linked directly to specific goals of the IDE Plan 
  • Added an action about employee well-being to goal 3, with a specific focus on workload and burnout
  • Added language about the strength of our current off-campus study and global engagement programs 
  • Expanded the description of possible structures to support interdisciplinary work, including additional FTEs to create capacity within departments and programs 
  • Added references to further consideration of accessibility needs through the Facilities Master Plan process and the work of the Student Mental Health Working Group
  • Revised action 15 to focus on expanding the role of the LTC to offer additional support for faculty collaboration and experimentation, which might include summer workshops 
  • Expanded the language of action 16 on the 2025 carbon neutrality goal to note that the college will pursue additional sustainability efforts over the next decade

It’s exciting to reach this point in our strategic planning process, and I thank everyone who has engaged in discussion and provided feedback over the course of the past year. 

Featured in Carleton Today, October 19, 2023.