Supporting our Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander Community

19 March 2021

A message to the Carleton community from President Poskanzer on March 19, 2021

Dear Carleton Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The Carleton community is feeling pain and grief over Tuesday’s murders in Atlanta which targeted Asian-American women.  We support our Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander students, faculty, and staff in condemning this violence and all forms of racism and hatred.

This abhorrent act comes after a year of escalating discrimination against and expressions of hatred towards Asian, Asian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders that are linked to the COVID pandemic.  But it is also part of a much longer historical record of anti-Asian prejudice and xenophobia in our country, including the sexualization of Asian women.

Carleton community members who are frightened, outraged, or simply seeking to make sense of this latest act of violence can take advantage of the many resources available to them, including through Student Health and Counseling, the Office of Intercultural Life, and the Office of International Student Life, the Dean of Students Office, the Chaplain’s Office, and the Employee Assistance Program.

Carleton must be a community where all members can study and learn and grow.  In the past year we have renewed our commitment to becoming a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable community; these latest murders reinforce the urgency and importance of such work.

Even as we keep striving to nurture a spirit and culture on our campus that can be an example for the broader world, we urge everyone at Carleton to reach out to our friends, colleagues, classmates and peers who may be reeling right now from these horrific shootings—and who can benefit from our compassion and support.


Steve Poskanzer

Bev Nagel
Dean of the College

Eric Runestad
Vice President & Treasurer

Art Rodriguez
Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Carolyn Livingston
Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Tommy Bonner
Vice President for External Relations

George Shuffelton
Faculty President

Elise Eslinger
Vice President and Chief of Staff

Éva Pósfay
CEDI Faculty Co-chair

Steve Richardson
CEDI Staff Co-chair

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