Progress toward Carleton 2033

3 April 2024

In the months since the approval of Carleton 2033: The Liberal Arts in Action, we have been moving forward with some of the recommendations of the strategic direction and developing specific implementation plans in other areas.  It is a ten year plan that calls for some ambitious actions, so prioritizing and pacing ourselves will be important if we are to reach all of our goals.

The goal of strengthening community and student well being is supported by the recent implementation of a telehealthcare option for students, which is a great supplement to the in-person counseling offered by SHAC. Final plans for the new SHAC space allow for a reimagined approach to many of these services. 

Among the strategic direction goals that relate to financial aid and student support was the recommendation that we adopt a differentiated student wage scale. Though this goal was developed through initial analysis by the student work experience subcommittee, the details of how a new system would be structured need to be fleshed out in greater detail. A student wage task force charged with developing a new structure will be announced shortly.

Many of the recommendations dedicated to fostering curiosity relate to strengthening our capacity for interdisciplinary work in the curriculum. Provost Michelle Mattson has convened some faculty discussions of interdisciplinarity and is putting together a working group of faculty to carry this exploration forward. An early example of community commitment in this area is the recently-announced Mellon Foundation grant in support of Indigenous Engagement in Place

One important input into the plan will be the identification of potential capital projects through the Campus Facilities Planning process. The recent campus and alumni surveys and focus group sessions are yielding helpful input from various constituencies, and a more detailed space analysis will provide additional data. 

Much of this is dependent on resources, of course, so as a first step the Budget Office assisted in the development of cost estimates, so that we could begin to consider potential funding sources. Some items can be worked into existing budgets, while others will require dedicated fundraising to achieve. For that reason, we will soon begin the early stages of pre-planning for the College’s next major comprehensive campaign. With the arrival of our new VP for Development and Alumni Relations Daren Batke, this week, we are ready to begin that work in earnest. Because Carleton 2033 was developed with extensive input from all constituencies, including the extended Carleton community, we are hopeful that we will be successful in garnering tangible support for its most important goals.

Featured in Carleton Today, April 4, 2024