News coverage of the Supreme Court decision on race-conscious admissions 

29 June 2023

President Alison Byerly contributed to a number of media reports on the United States Supreme Court’s June 29, 2023, ruling on race-conscious college admissions practices.

National Public Radio

“It reinforces a sense that college admissions is about making individual judgments about individual students, as opposed to recognizing it’s about putting together a diverse community where all students learn from each other and where their differences are actually part of a learning experience.”

—President Byerly, speaking to National Public Radio | Listen to the full interview

The New York Times

“The hardest part really is identifying and recruiting the students.”

—President Byerly, speaking to The New York Times | Read the full story

The Star Tribune

“It was certainly not surprising, and I can’t even say it was disappointing because we expected it. But I’ll say it’s regrettable that we are taking this step backward and being denied one of the ways we try to create diverse campuses.”

—President Byerly, speaking to the Star Tribune | Read the full story

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