Homecoming this Weekend

10 October 2023

With Homecoming weekend coming up, I have enjoyed learning more about various Carleton traditions around homecoming that have come and gone over the years. Looking at photos from the college archives, one constant theme is that, in the absence of an official costumed mascot, fans have sometimes had to take matters into their own hands. Knights have appeared many times over the decadesincluding, occasionally, on horseback.

This weekend’s Homecoming has the added twist that it is St. Olaf’s homecoming, as well. Some special activities are planned to celebrate this storied rivalry. We want to be good hosts to our friends from across the river—but not *too* good! We look forward to seeing the Knights emerge victorious from the battle.

Archival photo of Carleton Knight on horseback

Featured in Carleton Today, October 5, 2023