Collecting Feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan

20 September 2023

As busy as we all are during the first few weeks of the term, I am very grateful to those of you who have managed to find time to share your thoughts on the draft strategic plan posted on August 28. We have many more opportunities available to add to the valuable input we’ve already received from students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

On campus, faculty have taken part in a lunch discussion, shared written comments on a Moodle forum, and held a special faculty meeting devoted entirely to the plan draft. Topics raised so far include the value of global education, ways to promote interdisciplinary teaching, and ensuring that we have the faculty resources needed to support the student opportunities proposed. Staff have discussed the plan at the Quarterly Meeting and the Leadership Advisory Board meeting, with SAC and Forum meetings still ahead, asking questions about how a combined Staff Council might work, what expanding our approach to community engagement could look like, and what level of financial support will be needed to implement the plan.

At a Carleton Student Association (CSA) meeting on Monday night, students had good questions that demonstrated they had done their homework! They were enthusiastic about the financial aid proposals aimed at lowering student loan obligations and increasing student access to emergency funding. The proposed tiered wage structure for student work generated some thoughtful comments about implementation, and there was also good discussion of how the curricular proposals might increase student exposure to a range of fields across the curriculum.

Alumni have also offered input, either via written comments, or through participating in one of several interactive virtual sessions that include polls and breakout discussions. I also have held in-person focus group discussions with groups of 20–30 alumni in three cities. It was exciting to see their enthusiasm for such key recommendations as increasing the number of low-income students enrolled at Carleton, accelerating our carbon neutrality goal, and solidifying our curriculum commitment to a broad and integrated liberal arts education.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to weigh in, I hope that you will do so in the coming weeks! I am very appreciative of our community’s engagement and support.

Featured in Carleton Today, September 21, 2023