A Message to the Community about Hurricane Ida

30 August 2021

To the Carleton College Community:

I know that many of us are concerned about the impact of Hurricane Ida on students, alumni, or other community members who live or have families in the storm’s path. The Dean of Students’ office has reached out to students from Louisiana and Mississippi, many of whom have evacuated their homes, to find out if we can assist them in any way.  We encourage any students who are affected to be in touch with your class dean.

The arrival of this hurricane on the sixteenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is a reminder of the potential for such storms to inflict long-lasting damage, often with disproportionate impact on marginalized communities. The role of climate change in generating increasing numbers of extreme weather events is another way in which this event is, sadly, relevant to all of us, even if we do not have loved ones who are personally affected. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and to keep the Gulf Coast communities who are experiencing personal danger, property damage, or widespread power losses in our thoughts. 

President Alison Byerly

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