The Data from Fall Term 2014

Data Analyst: Ben Strauss ’16

For fall term 2014, the Prefect Program hired 19 students as prefects who supported 12 individual classes and held 315 sessions.

506 students registered for a class with a prefect session.

  • 84 of these students registered for two classes with a prefect session.
  • 25% of the total student body registered for a class with a prefect.

77 percent of students attended at least one prefect session.

17 percent of students who attended prefect sessions (at least one) attended 50 percent of the prefect sessions.

The average prefect session had 6.2 students (20.6% of the class) in attendance.

Student Attendance

Students overall3.3
Students who attended at least one session5.1
Students who attended the first prefect session*7.5
Students who attended 50 percent of their class’s prefect sessions**11.1

*20.8% of students attended their first prefect session

**14.9% of students attended 50 percent of their class’s prefect sessions

Student AttendancePercentage of TotalAverage # of Sessions AttendedPercentage of Sessions Attended
Yes-attended the first session20.80%7.544.6
No-did not attend the first session (and attended at least one session in total)45.20%2.213.4
No-did not attend the first session79.20%3.923.5

Class Year

 Class years in prefect coursesClass years who attended 50 percent of sessionDifference

Class Year Statistics

Number of Students17525610059
At least one session70.90%65.60%67.00%50.80%
At least 50 percent of sessions17.70%12.90%19.00%6.80%
Average attendances*

* Average attendances of students who attended at least one session.

Student Attendance Categorized (the student in…attended this percent of session):


Natural Science70.70%
Computer Science68.10%
Social Science61.10%



Session Attendance Categorized (the average session had…attendees (percent of the class):


Natural Science7.5 (24.4%)
Computer Science5.0 (16.7%)
Social Science5.5 (19.1%)


100s5.9 (18.7%
200s6.6 (23.4%)