Veterinary medicine is a field that attracts between 1 and 5 Carleton students each year. Courtney Lunger ’16 started Veterinary School at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2016, hear from her on what the field of study is like:

The first veterinary school was opened in 1761 in Lyon, France. Over the next few centuries veterinary medicine became more and more advanced, between new understanding of the workings of the many different animals on this planet and of how we could care for them and better both animal and human welfare.

There are many different directions one can in go in with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. One field is what some call the “bread and butter” of veterinary medicine: clinical practice. Whether it be small or large animal or exotics, this area is a rewarding way in which to work with animals and people. Furthermore, one can specialize and go in-depth into fields such as dermatology, pathology, dentistry, and radiology. 

Another important area is research, where one can really make a difference in the interwoven areas of human and animal health. With a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM), one can also explore zoology, public policy, and food animal medicine. Veterinary medicine is an exciting field full of diverse paths.

– Courtney Lunger ’16

Some useful links for information on veterinary careers  and admission to veterinary school are: