Peer Pre-Health Advisors

Photo of Amira A. Aladetan
Amira A. Aladetan ’24
Major: Biology
Interests: Pediatric and Radiation Oncology, Public Health, Sports, and music
Campus Activities: Varsity Track & Field, African and Caribbean Association, CSA TRIO Liaison, and Black Student Alliance
Ask me about: Being pre-health as a student-athlete, studying abroad, finding research opportunities, and networking
Photo of Salma Ali
Salma Ali ’26


Major: Prospective Cognitive Science or Biology

Interests: Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Spanish, Reading, Movies and Shows, Music

Campus Activities: Muslim Student Association (MSA), Carleton Pre-Health Association (CPA), Psychology research, African and Caribbean Association (ACA)

Ask me about: Navigating the pre-med track, joining extracurriculars, finding research/internship/volunteer opportunities on and off campus

Photo of Andrew Dale
Andrew Dale ’25
Major: Undecided—Prospective Biology or Chemistry
Interests: Dentistry, Hockey, Making Wooden Fishing Lures, Keeping Saltwater fish and corals, Fishing in all climates
Campus Activities: Fellowship in Christ, Men’s Club Ice Hockey
Ask me About: Pre-dental opportunities at Carleton, Finding dental experience opportunities in your home town, and learning to work with your hands
Photo of Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones ’24
Major: Biology
Interests: Pediatric oncology, clinical computational oncology, country music, sports
Campus Activities: Men’s soccer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Project Friendship, TOPSoccer, CPA
Ask me about: Being pre-health as a student athlete, studying abroad, finding research opportunities, networking, volunteering
Photo of Jemsy Mathew
Jemsy Mathew ’25

Interests: Genetics, Immunology, Biomathematics, the Arabic Language, Chess, the MCU and Harry Potter.
Campus activities: Carleton’s QuestBridge chapter, Karate club, and Badminton club.
Ask me about: Summer REU (research experiences for undergraduates) programs.

Photo of Tiffany Nyamao
Tiffany Nyamao ’25
Major: Biology
Interests: Neurology, Public health, African culture, and cooking!
Campus Activities: OIL Peer Leader, African Caribbean Association, Black Student Alliance, and TRIO-SSS
Ask me about: Anything, I have an answer somehow! But specifically anything on being on the pre-med track as a student of color and prioritizing your mental health!
Photo of Anita Obor
Anita Obor ’24
Major: undecided but Prospective Psychology Major
Interests: neonatal nursing, midwifery, anesthesiology, yoga, history, creative writing
Campus Activities: CPA, Carleton Equestrian Team, Badminton Club
Ask me about: Being a pre-nursing student, nursing schools, internships, volunteering, research opportunities.
Photo of Moira Rankin
Moira Rankin ’25
Major: Prospective Biology Major
Interests: Conservation and exotic medicine, biology, anthropology, creative writing, Spanish, athletics
Campus activities: Varsity Softball, CPA Board
Ask me about: Veterinary experience opportunities, vet school requirements and 4-year planning, different pre-vet pathways and potential disciplines.
Photo of Emilie Scott
Emilie Scott ’24
Undecided, prospective Biology or Chemistry
Interests: Public Health, Neuroscience, mitigating implicit bias in the medical field, Spanish Language, ballet, running
Campus Activities: Biology Research, CPA Board, Ballet
Ask me about: Alumni outreach and externships, working off campus, becoming a CNA, obtaining an EMT certification, finding summer and winter break healthcare opportunities, time management as a pre-health student
Contact details: 360-900-9775
Photo of Miriam Shteyman
Miriam Shteyman ’25
Major: prospective psychology major
Interests: Hiking, skiing, working out, playing tennis, hanging out with friends, reading, dentistry, orthodontics
Campus activities: Varsity Women’s tennis, CPA (board member)
Ask me about: The pre-dental track at Carleton, shadowing and/or volunteering opportunities in the dental field, specializations in dentistry, the psych major, and being a pre-health student-athlete