Yale Online Physician Assistant Program

24 February 2021

Yale School of Medicine (YSM) is advancing the physician assistant (PA) profession by educating the highly proficient PAs the country needs. As the nationwide shortage of primary care physicians grows, YSM is bringing more health care practitioners to patients with Yale’s blended physician assistant program. Yale’s PA Online Program awards a Master of Medical Science (MMSc) degree and prepares graduates to seek licensure as physician assistants. 

The Yale PA Online Program prepares patient-focused clinicians who can choose to learn in their own communities. The program blends online classes and coursework with in-person clinical rotations and three immersions on the Yale campus, so students can earn a degree from YSM without relocating. 

Upcoming Webinars 

Application Workshop/Prerequisites 

  • March 20th Noon ET 
  • March 31st 6pm ET  
  • April 22nd 1pm ET 

Program Overview Webinar 

  • May 18th 2pm ET 

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