Summer Internship at Bradford Woods

27 January 2021

Bradford Woods is Indiana University’s Outdoor Center and is supported by the Riley Children’s Foundation and Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. They operate 10 weeks of Recreation Therapy summer camps for people with cancer, sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy, craniofacial anomalies, severe burn survivors, autism, various physical disabilities, rare genetic disorders, and Down syndrome. While camp will certainly look different this summer with COVID-19, they have worked closely with IU and Riley Children’s Hospital to ensure a safe and successful summer for staff and campers.

They hire a staff of 80+ individuals and are currently recruiting for the summer of 2021. Bradford Woods is an excellent opportunity for students interested in the field of medicine because of their holistic, therapeutic mindset and practices applied to all they do, as well as the variety of camper population they see. Students will be provided extensive hands-on experience on a daily basis and see a wide variety of medical needs and procedures. Bradford Woods has also served as a practicum/field work site for many pre-med students.

If interested in a summer position at Bradford Woods, you can learn more and apply on the program website.