Research Technician Position at Massachusetts General Hospital

5 February 2021

Position: Research Technician

  • Lab: Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Medicine and the Cardiovascular Research Center
  • Principle Investigators: Drs. Fumito Ichinose and Rajeev Malhotra
  • Location: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  • Experience: Prior molecular biology lab experience is strongly recommended, but not required
  • Time Commitment: 2-year position, 40 hours/week

Description:Cardiac arrest, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and stroke affect more than 40 million people in the United States and cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of morbidity and mortality globally. Our laboratories are interested in understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms that contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease. Through these mechanistic studies we hope to identify novel therapeutic targets to treat and prevent heart disease. We carry out experiments both in vitro and in vivo using multiple different cell-based assays and mouse models to understand the roles that specific proteins have in vascular disease and cardiac arrest. This position will require the handling of mice and carrying out relevant procedures on mice. Common techniques include RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, qPCR, Western blots and protein isolation, sterile tissue culture, genotyping, mouse dissection, and echocardiography. The research technician will be involved in all aspects of the research process from designing and executing experiments, to analyzing and presenting data, to writing the final research papers.  This position is ideally targeted towards a candidate interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine or biomedical research, but all that are interested are encouraged to apply. We ask for a two-year commitment. Our laboratories have mentored numerous students as they transition to either medical school or graduate school. Dr. Ichinose is an anesthesiologist and physician-scientist and a full professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Malhotra is a cardiologist and physician-scientist and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.
TO APPLY: DEADLINE: February 28, 2021
Submit a resume to Dr. Rajeev Malhotra ( to begin with. Then candidates will be invited for a virtual interview. Top candidates will be asked to provide three letters of recommendation

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