Post-Bac Research Positions at Yale School of Medicine

19 April 2018

Reina Desrouleaux (’17, Chemistry) works in the lab of Andrew Wang, MD/PhD in the rheumatology department at the Yale School of Medicine.

We are currently hiring post graduate research associates. It’s a 2 year position and it is ideal for someone who is interested in a career in research and would like to acquire more experience prior to applying to graduate school. The current research in the lab focuses on increasing immune tolerance by regulating metabolism and inflammation in various states of stress and disease. More information and recent publications can be found at:

Feel free to contact me with any questions (, and your CV to Dr. Wang at


The lab of Joseph Craft, MD is also hiring, their information can be found at:

Dr. Craft investigates CD4 T helper cells in conventional and autoimmune responses in mice and in humans, with a primary focus upon the differentiation and function of follicular helper (Tfh) cells that promote B cell maturation in germinal centers (GC). Tfh cell dependent GC responses are critical for development of humoral immunity and B cell memory upon vaccine administration and following infection, and for driving pathogenic autoreactive B cell responses in autoimmune diseases. Dr. Craft’s studies on Tfh cells build upon the earlier work of his trainees and him in characterizing novel immune targets in the systemic autoimmune disease lupus, and studies of tolerance, inflammation, and therapy in that disorder. His group’s work on Tfh cells focuses upon their development, transcriptional control, and promotion and regulation of GC B cells in normal and autoimmune responses. His lab also has
investigated other CD4 T cell populations, including those that promote immune memory and inflammation.

Interested applicants for the Craft lab should email their CV to

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