Paid Research Assistant Position in the Yi Lab at Northwestern University in Chicago

24 April 2024

The Yi Lab is currently seeking a motivated Research Assistant who has recently graduated with a degree in Biology, Data Science, or related fields. Our research investigates molecular and cellular mechanisms of epidermal and hair follicle stem cells throughout development, homeostasis, regeneration, aging, and in pathological states such as wound repair and hair loss. Utilizing sophisticated genetically engineered mouse models, advanced single-cell genomic and computational tools, and live imaging techniques, we strive to decipher cellular heterogeneity and the mechanisms underpinning the decline in stem cell function with age and disease. We publish high impact papers in Science, Nature Aging, Nature Cell Biology, Developmental Cell and PNAS, and our works have been featured in New York Times, US News, and NIH Research Matters.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Experimental Research Support (70%): Assist the Principal Investigator (PI) and research team in conducting and designing experiments for various phases of our projects.
  • Regulatory Compliance (15%): Coordinate with regulatory offices to ensure compliance with animal, biological, and chemical safety regulations.
  • Laboratory Management (15%): Oversee lab inventory and manage supply orders.

Position Requirements:

  • Commitment to a minimum of 2-3 years, ideally prior to pursuing further education in graduate or medical school.
  • The initial term of employment is 1 year, with potential for renewal based on performance.

Opportunities for Advancement:

The Yi Lab is recognized for its strong mentorship and has a proven track record of preparing research assistants and undergraduate students for advanced degrees in top-tier institutions, including Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, Duke University, Cornell University, and University of Wisconsin–Madison, and several prestigious medical schools such as UT Southwestern, UCSD, Indiana University and University of Virginia.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should respond to Northwestern University Job ID 49807 and submit a CV, cover letter, and contact information for two references. Please highlight any previous research experience or relevant coursework.