Hospital Pathology Aid

13 January 2023

Hospital Pathology Associates (HPA) provides pathology services to Allina hospitals in Minnesota and Wisconsin. As the largest private pathology group in Minnesota and one of the largest in the upper Midwest, HPA is an ensemble of seasoned pathologists and professional staff with a wide range of expertise not often found elsewhere. Several years ago, HPA introduced a new position in their healthcare team to streamline workflow: the pathology aide. The pathology aide plays a key role in allowing pathologists to focus on diagnosing cases and enhancing patient care. To learn more, visit the job posting on Handshake, linked here or search “Pathology Aide” in the job search section.

For recent college graduates who are aspiring to become physicians or other healthcare professionals, few experiences are more valuable than serving as a pathology aide. Being a pathology aide provides hands-on experience in a medical setting and allows recent graduates to begin a career in medicine. Working alongside accomplished pathologists and other healthcare professionals at HPA offers a unique perspective into the responsibilities and challenges physicians face on a daily basis. As an active member of the healthcare team, pathology aides gain valuable exposure to medicine and make a positive contribution to the daily operations of a medical facility. In sum, the pathology aide position is a one-year, full-time commitment for aspiring healthcare professionals and is the connection graduates need to gain a valuable healthcare experience!

NEW DATE! Application Due: February 10, 11:59pm.