Dermatology Clinical Assistant Position

8 November 2021

Tareen Dermatology is looking for exceptional Pre-Med and Pre-PA students who are taking 1-2 gap years prior to medical school/PA school to work as a clinical assistant.

Clinical assistants will work in a very fast-paced and hands-on environment
taking patient histories, assisting with surgeries, scribing, and working with
doctors/PAs in all aspects of the patient encounter. All training will be provided on site. Additionally, students are given mentorship and guidance in their professional school application process.

Our medical school and PA acceptance rate is well over 90%. As students
move forward in their higher education, they find that they far surpass even the most qualified of their peers. Salary is $16/hour for a full-time position, plus full benefits (health insurance, 401K, educational stipend) and free cosmetic treatments. Minimum commitment is 13 months.

If interested, please contact by November 28th .

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