Cell Biology Research Scholars Program

13 December 2017

Cell Biology Research Scholars Program (CRSP) The Cell Biology Research Scholars Program is a summer internship for undergraduate students with a passion for scientific discovery and fundamental biology. We seek to train a diverse group of individuals who have the desire to explore and pursue careers in life science research necessary for transformative breakthroughs in the future. Our scholars will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge research projects hosted by one of our world-renowned faculty investigators, and will also participate in a rich program of training and mentoring activities designed to build key skills and perspectives necessary for a productive scientific research career. Each CRSP Scholar is matched with a host lab and research project aligned with her or his emerging interests and preferences. Our laboratories investigate a broad range of high impact research topics, including mechanisms of cellular and molecular homeostasis; regulation of bioenergetics and growth; epigenetic and signaling pathways that control genes, protein networks, and cellular behavior; and assembly of cells and organs. Because technical innovation and advanced methodology are the engines that drive discovery and open new frontiers, our community is equipped with a variety of impressive facilities, such as advanced light and super-resolution microscopy cores, sophisticated genome/transcriptome/proteome analysis technologies, and genome engineering and stem cell-derived models of specialized cell types. The arc of the CRSP summer program schedule is designed to help our scholars hone their scientific and research skills while they build a network of relationships within the Harvard community. The schedule begins with introductory workshops on essential research methods for data generation and analysis, including effective experimental design and use of quantitative tools and statistics to ensure reproducibility. These sessions will facilitate the development of skills that can be applied generally to all experimental work. We also introduce our scholars to the breadth of Harvard research through a series of foundational lectures presented by faculty and work-in-progress talks from our PhD trainees. We recognize that providing access to role models at many stages of career development is a vital component of the research training process, so each week, CRSP scholars will enjoy a mentoring lunch with trainees or faculty to discuss their career trajectory and keys to success. Finally, to prepare our CRSP scholars to articulate their own research and inspire others, the latter half of the summer will be devoted to science presentation skills, culminating in a research talk symposium and poster session where CRSP Scholars present the goals and findings of their summer projects. The CRSP is a full-time research immersion program. Each Scholar will receive a stipend of $4500 and is expected to participate in the full 10-week program for 40 hours/week. Funding for CRSP Scholarships in 2018 is made possible through generous philanthropic gifts from the McKenzie Family Charitable Trust, Professor Alfred Goldberg, and Harvard Medical School’s Department of Cell Biology.