Distinction in Comps

26 May 2006

These seniors have been awarded Distinction for their comps projects in 2005-06:

Eunice Ajambo, for her paper, “Inaction as Action: South Africa’s Political Culture of Protest and the Declining Voter Turnout”

Rebecca Farley, for her paper, “Vetoing Peace: Israeli Coalition Dynamics and the Peace Process, 1992-2005”

Peter Juul, for his paper, “Devils and Dust: Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Iraq”

Scott Konzem, for his paper, “Selectorate Theory and Trade Openness”

Andrew Little, for his paper, “Searching for Smart Crisis Behavior among Democracies”

Alicia Mazzara, for her paper, “Political Corruption and Economic Growth: Explaining the East Asian Growth Paradox”

Michael Moore, for his paper, “A Better Way: Bayesian Decision Making in Intelligence Bureaucracies”

Courtney Ritz, for her paper, “Social Capital Among Small Town Officials: A Case Study”

Hannah Simpson, for her paper, “Bridging the Gap: Social Capital and Subnational Regional Development” Charles Sweitzer, for his paper, “Listening to Our Voice, the Voice of God: Rousseau’s Use of Religion in Politics”

Jacob Titus, for his paper, “Talking Justice: Passion, Communication, and Democracy”

Morgan Weiland, for her paper, “Tacit Consent: The American News Media and Minority Tyranny”