Distinction in Comps

15 May 2009

Congratulations to these students who earned Distinction on their comps papers during 2008-09:

Ben Barclay Mixing Oil and Blood: Oil Vulnerability and the Propensity for Militarized Conflict After the Cold War
Colin Bottles Political Bosses or Publics: Who Rules in Democracy?
Matt Cole Political Evil and the Limits of Liberal Theory
Michael Martin An Inconvenient Solution? An Economic & Political Analysis of Global Warming Policy
Steve Rashin The Makings of a Paradox: Unionization of Subcontracted Labor in Chilean Copper Industry
Emma Sando Poverty, Street Children, and Public Policy: El Centro de Atencion Integral de Ninez y Adolescencia (CAINA)
Jill Rodde Fundamentalism and Family-Making: Regional Change in the American Fertility Shift
Tom Weishan Detecting Emotion & Information: Detection & Categorization of Motivated Reasoning in Political Communication
Pat Whitehead The Science of Conflict in Silico: An Agent-Based Update to Lewis F. Richardson’s Mathematical Theory of War
Alex Zuckerman The Birth of Reason: Political Leadership in the Book of Genesis