Distinction in Comps

17 May 2007

Congratulations to these students who earned Distinction for their comps papers:

  • Noah Brennan ’07, “Pork Barrel Politics and Japanese Coalition Formation”
  • Jessica Goad ’07, “Power and Peril: Towards a Model of the Relationship Between Governance and Natural Disasters”
  • Dan Hall ’07, “Democratic Counterterrorism: A Model for Success”
  • Ben Jacoff ’07, “Role Theory in the Post 9/11 Era: Britain, France and the United States in the 2nd Gulf War”
  • Andrew Kaufman ’07, “Is There a Structure to American Mass Foreign Policy Opinion? A Typological Approach”
  • Jonah Khandros ’07, “Consequences of San Francisco’s Privately Financed Baseball Statium for the City’s Taxpayers and the Greater Ramifications for Progressive Resistance to Urban Redevelopment”
  • Brian Klaas ’08, “From Miracle to Nightmare: An Institutional Analysis of the Faiure of Development in Cote d’Ivoire”
  • Seth Lippincott ’07, “Conflict Linkages: Democratic Institutions and Their Effect on Ethnic Political Violence”
  • Wayne Soon ’08, “Selective Globalization and Transnational Human Rights Activism in Singapore”
  • Martha Thomsen ’07, “Beyond Oil: Competitive Authoritarianism and Diversification of the Economy in the Middle East and North Africa”