9/31 Student publication opportunity, NYU American Public Policy Review

8 September 2021

The N.Y.U. N.Y.U. American Public Policy Review seeks articles by undergraduate and graduate students that propose bold, novel American policy ideas that are not yet part of the political mainstream or that
warrant additional scholarship. The Policy Review is a faculty-reviewed electronic journal managed by undergraduate students at New York University, currently accepting manuscript submissions with a deadline of September 31, 2021, for publication this fall. No specific length of article is required; however, all submissions should be detailed, thoroughly researched, and include appropriate references. Most submissions are between 4,000 and 8,000 words.

The journal’s editors seek to amplify the brightest public policy proposals of current students through rigorous intellectual review, and they encourage students of any discipline, any level of study, and any accredited academic institution to submit an article for publication. View the submission guidelines for authors.

The journal is an open-access publication and does not charge a publication fee to authors.