Request for Submissions – Tri-Co Law Review

16 February 2022

The Tri-Co Law Review is a digital and print student publication that seeks to analyze and evaluate the ways in which law influences our world. Founded in 2016, originally as the Haverford Law Review, we are composed of students within the Tri-Co Consortium and are accepting papers for publication from undergraduate students both in and outside the Consortium. The Law Review provides students with an avenue for exploring fields outside of their regimented curricular work, including but not limited to sociological examinations of the American criminal justice system; discussions of legal codes in the global political sphere; understandings of grammatical rules and their influence on language; the psychological underpinnings that impact social beings; discussions of historical legal codes, such as Hammurabi’s Code, or the rules and regulations of ancient religious communities, etc. 

We are currently accepting papers 4-15 pages long through 11:59 PM ET, March 6, 2022. Each paper should deal with law/legislation to some extent. Please submit your paper in .doc or .docx. Any citation style is accepted for initial submission but bear in mind that published papers must adhere to the Bluebook.

  1. Check out our LinkTree, where you can find links to the paper submission form (with instructions), past issues of the Haverford Law Review, general interest list-serv sign-up form, and our contact information.
  2. Read our Winter 2022 issue.