Remote Editorial Fall Internship – starting now

23 September 2021

Brought to us by a Carleton alum, Ian Isaacs ’77. Ian reached out with an opportunity for Carls to work part-time, remotely, starting as soon as possible. 

Editorial & Journalism Opportunity

Ian established a Fellowship for Carls. Previous Carls have started the work, and he would like to maintain and continue to develop it.

Ian is looking for students interested in investigative journalism. Successful candidate(s) will work in the Center’s Justice Lab with MacArthur ‘genius’ and Pulitzer Prize finalist Jerry Mitchell & long-time Wall Street Journal editor Ken Wells (lead the team who won 2 Pulitzer Prize) on projects to report on Civil Rights-era cold cases and other cases of alleged malfeasance and wrong-doing. Ian, Jerry, and Ken are all in different states, so the work would be done remotely. The goal of the project would be to research and report specific stories in order to spur decision-makers to act for the public good. 

A component of the internship would be working with MCIRLive. That includes 3 pieces to the ongoing engagement

  • MCIR Live event calendar
  • Newsletter (Monthly review/ shorter weekly pieces)on the projects)
  • JLab: newly renamed Justice Lab, previously the Journalism Lab, this is a team of undergraduates and early career reporters who work on the Center’s reporting projects as follows: 

Identify sources for a given project. Sit in on interviews. Help craft narratives, fact-check, edit, with potential to earn bylines.

Paid $15 per hour. Intern would work as many hours as they are able to provide.


A student may be eligible to get academic credit for their work (at Carleton’s discretion).  Seeking students who are self-starters, any major, including students with mathematics/statistics background. Social media, website skills, etc. are helpful. 

Class years

Seeking Juniors or Seniors. 


Seeking students who are interested in Fall/Winter/Spring terms, but want to recruit students who can start asap. 


One page on why they are interested, what they can bring to the project, sample work, resume.

About the Center

The Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting steps into news voids caused by the collapse of the for-profit newspaper business model. Led by veteran journalists Jerry Mitchell and Debbie Skipper, the Center shines a light on wrongdoing veiled by powerful interests, exposes institutionalized injustice, and explores cold cases where victims’ families have been denied justice. As a result of this reporting, the Center is inspiring reform where it is desperately needed. 

The Center is funded by the Gates Foundation and Microsoft, among others.