2022 Associate at Close Concerns

26 October 2021

This opportunity is brought to us by a Carleton alum, Julia Kenney ’20 (julia.kenney@diatribe.org). You are highly encouraged to reach out to Julia with any questions regarding the organization or the position prior to applying.

Close Concerns, a healthcare information company that advocates for people with diabetes, seeks undergraduate applicants for its two-year Associate Program, based in San Francisco. 
• The Associate Program gives new college graduates unparalleled exposure to the ‘real world’ of healthcare and business, significant work experience and responsibility, international travel, and built-in support for graduate school applications.  
• For candidates considering post-graduate studies, such as medical school, it is the best way to enhance your skills and knowledge, interact with healthcare leaders, and use a different part of your brain, all the while improving your chances of getting into a top graduate program. Our many talented alums have gone on to stellar careers in medicine, public health, and business.