Class of 1980

Thomas J. Ditty, e-mail:
WatchMark, Corp.

Several years ago I was flying to Sofia, Bulgaria to begin work on a new cellular telecommunications venture. It occurred to me that with a BA in International Relations and an MA in Telecommunications Management I might just be able to handle this.

I’m living in Seattle, working for a wireless telecommunications software company. My two children both have Carleton sweatshirts. I’m trying to keep them focused.

One of my favorite hobbies is the Carleton Alumni Book Club which recently started its 8th year. We read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart a few years ago. Thank you, Norm Vig, for a great independent study course on the African political novel. That one credit not only helped me graduate on time, but opened a world I still enjoy today. 7/27/99

Mary J. Streitz

Thank you for the newsletter. It is a great idea, and I was very happy to be brought up to date on the work of the department. Those seminars abroad all sound great. How wonderful it would be to have an opportunity like that again.

I was sad to hear that Michael and Catherine Zuckert have left the college for Notre Dame. Michael Zuckert was my advisor and one of my two favorite professors at Carleton.

I have been practicing law with the firm of Dorsey & Whitney in Minneapolis since I graduated from New York University School of Law in 1984. There are quite a few Carls in the firm. I have been a partner there since 1992 and concentrate my practice in tax law. I spend a great deal of my time representing Indian tribes, tribal entities, and tribal members, primarily in federal tax matters. My law practice is very interesting, and I often have the chance to work with lawyers in our Washington, D.C. office on legislative and administrative matters affecting our tribal clients. 6/98

Class of 1981

Kristin Larson, e-mail

After law school (in Washington, DC) I found my niche in government service, becoming a prosecuting attorney in Minnesota in 1988. Most of my career has been as an Assistant Anoka County Attorney, where I have specialized at times in felony child abuse cases but now find myself exclusively prosecuting drug offenders. I have handled several homicides and other complex cases over the years and credit my Carleton liberal arts education to a great extent with providing me the skills to learn about topics as diverse as child development, DNA, pathology, etc. I’m happily and very recently married to Jon Audette ’85, another career prosecutor, and we’d love to hear from old friends anytime. 8/13/99

Dan Mathews, e-mail
Global Trading Systems, Inc.

Summary of 18 years: After Carleton I got a Masters from SAIS (Johns Hopkins). Thank you Norman Vig for taking the initiative. A year in Italy and one in DC, including some time on the Hill. A year in Sweden and then two in Seattle trying to find a niche. January ’87 I moved to Taipei to work with a small international banking software company. Seven successful years and 43 countries later I moved back to Seattle to start my own software company, automating overseas sourcing and product development. Four years now and we are not successful, but we aren’t bankrupt either. 3/23/99

Donna J. Nincic, e-mail
University of California, Davis

I’m currently a lecturer in the Political Science Department at UCD, after receiving my PhD from NYU in 1995. I teach courses in US foreign policy, IR and IPE and have just developed a course in Ocean Politics. UC Davis is a far cry from Carleton–here my classes average about 100 students! 2/22/99

Ann M. Tanke
US Dept of Justice/Immigration & Naturalization Service

I am currently the District Counsel for the Helena District of the Immigration & Naturalization Service. The Helena District includes the entire state of Montana and most of the state of Idaho, plus our offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I keep busy. 8/9/99

Class of 1982

Patti DeFazio, e-mail
Seattle Police Department

After leaving Carleton, I spent two years in Boston getting my Masters in Public Policy at the Kennedy School at Harvard. I followed that with 6 years in Washington, DC, where I applied all that schooling in policy and analysis to my job in a consulting firm. In 1990, I quit my job, abandoned the East Coast and moved 3000 miles west to Seattle, where I am happily settled amidst the mountains, lakes and rain. For an income, I manage the Information Technology Systems for the Seattle Police Department. For fun, I continue to travel, play soccer, read voraciously, and make jewelry. I retain many fond memories of Carleton (even the winters look good in retrospect!) and am always happy to hear from fellow alums. 5/3/99

David Grahn

It was interesting to read how the Department and its focus has changed over the years. Since graduation, I went to law school at the University of Minnesota and after receiving my JD I moved to Washington, DC. I have worked in private practice for the firm of Arent, Fox, Kintern, Plotkin, and Kahn and in several jobs in the federal government. I spent a year working as a counsel for the Senate Agriculture Committee during its consideration of the 1996 Farm Bill. Currently, I am Assistant General Counsel for Legislation in the Office of the General Counsel at USDA. 1998

Deb Carlson Wood, e-mail
Scripps College

After a short stint practicing law, I began my career as a dean of students and adjunct law professor. My 3 daughters (12, 10 & 9) and I live in Claremont, CA. I am Dean of Students and an Associate Professor at Scripps College. I continue to teach law at the University of Iowa (long commute in January!). If your travels take you to L.A., please let us know! 2/99

Class of 1983

Jeff Blodget, e-mail
The Alliance Project

After running Senator Wellstone’s successful re-election campaign, I went off to Harvard’s Kennedy School and received my Masters in Public Administration.

Now back in St. Paul, Minnesota, I’m running a national coalition of addiction treatment advocates. We are trying to move the public debate and public policy away from a focus on the “War on Drugs” and toward an emphasis on treatment and prevention. 8/8/00

Susannah M. Duly
RMT, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI

Awarded Master of Science Degree, Geology, University of Michigan, May, 1998. Emphasis: Exploration Geology/Biochemistry. B.Sc.: University of Minnesota–Duluth, Geology, 1995.

Currently geologist at RMT, Inc. Also worked as an exploration geologist in Canada, specializing in gold deposits. 9/1/00

Tim Godfrey, e-mail
Godfrey Law Offices, P.A., St. Paul, MN

John Heintz, e-mail
Minnesota Department of Finance

I have worked in Minnesota state government finance for the last fifteen years after receiving my masters in Public Affairs at the Humphrey Institute at the U of M. I have worked as a budget analyst, as finance director for the state Department of Natural Resources, and am currently a manager at the Department of Finance with responsibilities for the environment and natural resources, economic development, transportation and public safety agencies. Working in the state central budget office is frequently difficult and stressful, but never boring, especially with the current Governor. Our division played a key role in the Governor’s transition, and we have significantly more direct contact than with the previous incumbent, which is nice.

I live in Minneapolis near Lake Nokomis with my wife Monica Herrera and children Kurt (10) and Marina (8). 7/22/00

Jolie Blecker Klapmeier, e-mail:
Klapmeier & Associates International

Still working as an international business consultant for corporations entering or struggling in the Asia market . I focus mainly on strategic and cross cultural issues. I’ve been chairing the Professional Development Committee for the quasi public/quasi private MN World Trade Center Corporation Board of Directors, and also enjoy a full schedule of various non-profit projects for area community organizations.1/99

Sara Watson, e-mail
The Finance Project

After about 10 years working in family and children’s services reform at the state and national, non-profit level, I now have a new job as a program officer for the Pew Charitable Trusts. I will be working with state coalitions and national organizations to encourage universal preschool programs for young children. I have two children, Elise (9) and Robert (7) and a very supportive, free-lance-writer husband! Silver Spring, Maryland, 8/14/01

Class of 1984

Robin Ingenthron, e-mail
Middlebury, Vermont

After 2.5 years in Peace Corps Africa I returned to the states to pursue recycling, which meant getting an MBA in a state (Massachusetts) with expensive landfills. After helping manage a non-profit office recycling and consulting organization, I was hired by Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection to direct the state recycling program (1992-98). Re-established a recycling (electronics) and consulting operation after my wife got a faculty position at Middlebury College; we specialize in international scrap and repair exports. Clients include China Guangzhou Electric Appliance Research Inst. (China), US EPA, National Recycling Coalition, ElectroniCycle, etc. 9/20/04

Class of 1985

David K. Haase, e-mail
Jenner & Block

Life is busy! My wife, Dr. Sharon Perlman, is the Dental Director for the Cook County Dept. of Public Health, while I finish my 14th year in private practice, specializing in labor and employment law. We enjoy chasing from soccer games to ballet classes, etc., for our son Jacob (7) and daughter Arielle (4). We all live in a townhouse near downtown Chicago. When my kids hit college, Carleton will have its work cut out for it–Jacob is already doing homework! I still see Matt Biegert ’85, who is recently married and practicing law in New Richmond, Wisconsin and living in suburban St. Paul, and Brian Holland (also an attorney) who lives near Boulder, CO with wife SeongLee and kids Katie and Alex. 9/29/02

Jeff Shorba, e-mail
Minnesota Department of Corrections

After nine years with the U.S. Department of Justice working in the General Counsel’s Office of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I return to Minnesota to take a position as legal counsel for the Minnesota Department of Corrections. I was recently promoted to the position of Assistant Commissioner for Management Services overseeing the finance, human resources, information technology and legal departments. I am enjoying being back in Minnesota (except for winter) and living in Minneapolis. 9/2/01

Class of 1986

Roger Branigin, e-mail
Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen, Philadelphia, PA

After nearly eight years of litigation practice in Ohio, and following a brief foray into academe at Princeton, I recently joined Wolf, Block, a large Philadelphia law firm. My practice is concentrated in international surety litigation. I enjoy it, although a few years ago I couldn’t even have told you what suretyship is.

My wife Heather (Mitchelson ’86) works in the non-profit arena but is now home with our two daughters, ages four and six. I think the Poligon is a great idea and hope to see more responses/updates from members of the Class of 1986 in future editions.

Campbell Craig, e-mail
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

I’m a lecturer in American history and director of the honours programme in Diplomacy and International Relations. I’m the author of Destroying the Village: Eisenhower and Thermonuclear War (Colunivia Univ. Press, 1998) and Glimmer of a New Leviathan: Total War in the Realism of Niebuhr, Morgenthau, and Waltz (Columbia Univ. Press, 2003, forthcoming). The latter book is an intellectual history of American realism and its encounter with thermonuclear war, a topic I first explored in my senior thesis at Carleton. I’m also the editor of the re-issue of Charles Beard’s President Roosevelt on the Coming of the War (Transaction, 2003, forthcoming). 8/02

Rita Deeg Gaubert, e-mail
Bonlay, Heatmaker, Zibell & Co.

I currently am working part-time for a CPA firm as a Property-Casualty Insurance Consultant. My full-time job is teaching my four-year-old son (AndrĂ©) how to read and my two-year-old daughter (Julia) how to be civil. Armed with only thirty words, my negotiation skills get refined daily. However, Julia (if she had more than thirty words) would submit that I am refining my dictatorship skills. Watch out Mr. Schier, she’s a redhead and I will be sending her your way in sixteen years! 8/22/01

Class of 1987

Ben Gordon, e-mail
CSEA / AFSCME, Saratoga Springs, NY, 5/5/04

Valerie Jensen, e-mail
William Mitchell College of Law

I have just completed my first summer in academia, working at William Mitchell College of Law as an adjunct professor in writing and research, as well as Race and the Law. I am also now the Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs at the college. I love my new job, teaching the law and working with diverse students. This summer William Mitchell hosted Continuing Legal Education Opportunities Summer Institute (CLEO). It was my most enriching learning experience, thus far! 8/1/01

Elissa McBride, e-mail:
AFSCME, Tahoma Park, Maryland

I am now the Director of Education & Leadership Training for AFSCME–the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. I’ve spent the last eleven years as an organizer and educator in the labor movement.

I am saddened and heartbroken by Paul Wellstone’s death. He had a huge impact on me at Carleton, and I do the work I do now in part because of his example and influence.

I hope you’re all well. Cheers to Norm, who also had a big impact on my intellectual and political development, and congratulations on your retirement. And hello to Steve Schier and the Zuckerts if you’re all still there! I still have fond memories of my semester in DC with Steve. 11/07/02

Jamie H. Wellik, e-mail:
LSI Corporation of America, Inc.

Egads! Just finished year #6 in manufacturing/construction related industry–and haven’t done anything policy-oriented since I started this job in 1992. I guess the collapse of the Soviet bloc took it out of me. So now instead of travelling to Moscow as a graduate student, or attending conferences as part of a think tank in Washington, D.C., my life consists of a wonderful partner, Rebecca (married 10/95), a new baby girl, Emma (born 6/98) and a house full of 4-legged creatures, endless maintenance opportunities, and signs of domestication. I travel a lot for work all over the county, so look me up. It would be nice to hear from old classmates, nemeses, and professors. 2/99

Class of 1988

Bob Beatty, e-mail
Washburn University, Topeka, KS

Just a short update: Finished the Ph.D. at Arizona State in August and am now an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. 10/11/00

Rachel Nosowsky, e-mail:
University of Michigan

I moved to Michigan in September 2001 to become Assistant General Counsel at the University of Michigan, focusing on health law. My husband Jim is a real estate attorney. Our daughter Sophie is in kindergarten and we had twin girls–Hannah and Sara–in March. 1/17/05

Michele T. Villinski

Currently writing my dissertation at the U of MN in Agricultural and Applied Economics. Enjoyed hearing Prof. Grow speak at reunion last year. Great work on The Poligon — I read it with high interest. 2/99

Class of 1989

Gary Barrett, e-mail:
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Although based out of D.C., I have been working in state level government relations for the past 9 years. Currently, I am the Director of Membership for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is the nation’s largest individual membership organization of state legislators. We have an intern program that runs throughout the year, so if interested you can contact Ann Singer at 202-466-3800 or visit ALEC’s Web page. That number is also if you would like to contact me. In closing, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy The Poligon. 2/99

Jennifer Charpentier, e-mail
University of Minnesota

After a year of part-time study, I began full-time graduate study in Speech Communication at the University of Minnesota. It’s quite a change from fundraising for the local Girl Scout Council for the past seven years. 9/99

Christopher M. Johnson
Southern Center for Human Rights

I am a lawyer at a non-profit law office that represents condemned prisoners in Georgia and Alabama. 7/13/99

Jean Morgan, e-mail

Paul Nordness, M.D., e-mail
Ochsner Clinic Foundation

I am specializing in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana. I still have very fond memories of the Political Science Department and my studies in Science, Technology and Public Policy. 11/7/02