Class of 1964

Carl ‘Imiola Se-Keung Young, e-mail
Dept. of Education, State of Hawai’i

Politically, have been active with several Hawaiian sovereignty groups, especially IAHA (Inst. for the Advancement of Hawaiian Affairs) and Of Sacred Times and Of Sacred Places, which seeks to maintain and rebuild the consciousness of the Hawaiian nation which was overthrown by US forces in 1893 against the wishes of President Grover Cleveland. Recently was precinct captain in grass roots election for 1st native Hawaiian Con-Con (Constitutional Convention) in 100 years. Economically, we’re aiming for self-sufficiency, e.g., reviving traditional taro farming, etc. Soon to be published: John Winthrop’s Role in Hawaiian Annexation (1898) and in the Current Independence Movement in Hawai’i: A study of the deep cultures of the U.S. of A. and of Hawai’i/Polynesia. It’s something I’ve been working on for 30 years. 4/2/99

Class of 1967

Ken Wedding, e-mail

I retired from public high school teaching in June ’02. The last 15 years I concentrated on Advanced Placement courses for U.S. and Comparative Government and Politics. I’ve read exams for the AP program and had my comparative syllabus published. I contributed to Charles Hauss’ text book, Comparative Politics, Domestic Responses to Global Challenges and wrote Quick Guide to the Internet for Political Science for Allyn & Bacon.

I found this newsletter as I was preparing for a workshop I will present for the AP program in Detroit.10/24/02

Class of 1968

William V. Luneburg, e-mail
University of Pittsburgh

Have spent the last several years litigating environmental cases (forest preservation /air pollution) for environmental organizations. 9/99