Upcoming Comps Presentation Abstracts

11 February 2020

Marshall Basson
Wednesday, Feb 12th 2020
3:10 pm in Anderson 036

Physics of a Classic Rock Album

The mixture of mechanical and electric audio processing techniques used in mid-20th century rock music recordings both transformed the aural landscape of popular music and provide unique physical insight into wave generation and signal processing. In this presentation, I investigate physical models of sound and the construction of instruments. I then discuss methods of recording and processing of audio soundwaves through the framing of rock music production, including transduction, audio effects, and sampling.

Yueheng Shi
Friday Feb 14th 2020
3:30 pm in Anderson 036

Laser Cooling

Laser cooling is a groundbreaking technology that manipulates the interaction between light and atoms to decrease atoms’ temperature to nanokelvins. In 1997, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists who had developed the foundations for laser cooling and since then, laser cooling has been widely implemented in laboratories around the world to explore exhilarating physics laws at a microscopic scale. I will explore the fundamental theories of light-atom interactions in both classical and quantum pictures. Additionally, I will introduce the Doppler cooling technique which harnesses Doppler effects at an atomic scale to greatly decrease the speed of atoms. A theoretical temperature limit for Doppler cooling and how experimental results violate this theory will be discussed. I’ll also demonstrate how multilevel atomic structures and polarization of light could be manipulated to further decrease the temperature of atoms. Some of laser cooling’s applications such as Bose-Einstein Condensate and quantum simulator will be discussed.

Alex Kiral
Monday, Feb 17th 2020                                                                                                                     8:30 am in Anderson 036

Quantum Hall Effect