• Physics Table

    Come to the LAST Physics Table of the term!  It will be the last because we’re doing something else next week.  See the post about Welcome Celebrations!

  • Welcome Celebrations

    Hi, all!

    On Tuesday of 10th week, instead of Physics Table, we’ll have a Welcome and Congratulations lunch for everyone in the department.  We’d like to officially welcome Helen Minsky as a new tenure-track faculty member in the department (yes, we know she’s already been teaching for two terms…).  We would also like to celebrate the fact that Barry Costanzi will have a change of status and join the faculty in a tenure-track position as well, starting next fall.

    Come join the faculty and staff of the Physics and Astronomy department in the Ground State during common time Tuesday the 10th to celebrate!

    Please RSVP to Trenne if you plan to come, in order to make sure there’s enough food for everyone.

  • Upcoming Comps Presentations

    Vermilion Villarreal
    Wednesday, March 4th 2020
    3:10 pm in Anderson 036

    Heat Transfer Mechanics in Urban Environments:

    The Urban Heat Island, or UHI, represents a complicated phenomenon that describes the fact that urban environments are constantly at a higher temperature than the surrounding rural land. This phenomenon is a combination of various factors such as convection, advection, specific qualities such as thermal conductivity or heat capacity of materials used in buildings, and many more. In this talk, I will be going through many of these factors and modelling how heat moves through a city using fluid dynamics and experimental data. Along with this, I will be looking at possible ways we can reduce the strong heat storage capabilities that our current day cities have.

  • Open House at the Observatory

    When: Friday, March 6, 7:30 – 9:30 PM  if clear

    Details: View  the Moon, planets, nebulas, and clusters, using a variety of telescopes.

    Where: Goodsell Observatory, Carleton College

    Join Carleton’s resident astronomers to view the Moon, planets, stars, nebulas and clusters.   The event will be cancelled  if cloudy.  Open houses are open to the community and held the first Friday of each month. Times vary.  A schedule is on the web at http://go.carleton.edu/observatory .   If it is  partly cloudy, a final decision regarding the open house will be posted at that website by one hour before the start time.
    Cindy Blaha and Ryan Terrien