• Physics Table

    BYOL and come hang with us in the Ground State.  Tuesday, noon!


    No talk

    Wednesday, February 1 2023

    3:10 pm in Olin 141


    Kanishk Pandey

    Friday, February 3 2023

    3:30 pm in Olin 141

     Exploring the James Webb Space Telescope, a $10 Billion Time Machine

     The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has already revolutionized our understanding of the universe, from observing the most distant galaxies to magnificent nebulae to planets in our own neighborhood. In this talk, we will summarize the differences between the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and JWST by comparing their wavelength range, angular resolution, and location. We will then explore new science results from each of JWST’s four main themes, which are roughly categorized as the Early Universe, Galaxy Assembly, Star Formation, and Exoplanets. First, we will understand the concept of redshift and analyze JWST data from the most distant galaxy known to date. Next, we will discuss gravitational lensing and its role in constraining dark matter distributions using JWST’s image of the SMACS 0723 galaxy cluster. We will then explore the conservation laws of magneto-hydrodynamics and their role in star forming regions of several JWST images like the Carina Nebula. Finally, we will examine JWST’s role in detecting biosignatures from exoplanets via transmission spectroscopy, and we will interpret some preliminary results from exoplanets like LHS 475b, WASP 96b, and WASP 39b.


    No talk

    Monday, February 6 2023

    8:30 am in Olin 141

     Mid-term break

  • Women of Color who Code

    WoCCode is a peer-mentoring network and counter-space for members of marginalized groups in STEM to connect over code. We host monthly webinars that alternate between hack activities and guest speakers from women of color coders in academia and industry.
    For example, in February we are hosting an Introduction to Building Games in Python. You can see a full listing of events on our Event Page wiki.
    To join WoCCode, fill out this form: https://forms.gle/aArR8LdhYYehptr59
    And for more information, see our website (woccode.github.io) or email woc.code@gmail.com
  • 3-2 Engineering question sessions

    WashU Engineering Dual Degree Program

    Info Sessions for Prospective Applicants


    ALL meetings begin at 5:00 PM Central

    ANY question is welcome at any meeting

    Thursday, Feb 2                Career Development Services + Q&A

    Wednesday, Feb 8          Campus Community Engagement & Support + Q&A

    Tuesday, Feb 14                Engineering Curricula & Research Opportunities + Q&A

    Monday, Feb 20                Dual Degree Housing & Living in St. Louis + Q&A


  • REU at Perdue

    Purdue University / Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) / Application Deadline February 10
    A gateway to graduate education for underrepresented students

     Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)

    8 weeks of intensive research experience with a generous $4,000 stipend and paid expenses.


    SROP students since 2007 have experienced a taste of graduate education.

    Open to all disciplines
    Open to all disciplines

    Participants have studied everything from history and philosophy to astronautics, biochemistry, and engineering.

    Build a network

    Working closely with other students of color on research from different areas was one of the the best thing about the program.”

    — Kadari Taylor-Watson
    Major: American Studies

    Kadari Taylor-Watson
    Hands-on learning

    “It allowed me to conduct my own research project with a professor, make connections with other students, and provided me with an immense amount of  help and advice to take on the graduate school path.”

    — Lysandra Perez
    Major: Sociology

    Lysandra Perez
    Gain experience

    My advice is to apply as soon as possible! The things you will learn, people you will meet and skills you will acquire stretch well beyond the realm of just research. Whether you decide to stay in research or venture elsewhere, the lessons learned will help you in any field and in life as well!

    — Conrrad Nicholls
    Major: Virology

    Conrrad Nicholls
    Apply today! Deadline Feb 11
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  • REU at Washington State U

    Title: Environmental Engineering: Measurements and Modeling in the Pacific Northwest

    Location: Washington State University, Pullman WA (Eastern WA)

    Website with details about the program

    Applicable Field/Major: Students at all levels of their undergraduate work are sought for this program, and majors such as environmental engineering, atmospheric science, civil engineering, as well as students from chemistry, physics, math, and other technical majors are encouraged to apply. And yes, we take Freshmen to Juniors.

    Shelley Pressley (she/her/hers)

    Associate Dean, Student Success |Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

    Carpenter 509 | 509.335.4653 | mail stop 2250

    Washington State University | Pullman, WA 99164


  • Intersectionali-Tea

    The GWSS SDAs – Lillian, Binny, and Abby – are hosting a tea and cookie event this week open to all students to talk about social justice.
    Hello beautiful people!
    You are invited to come drink tea, eat cookies, and talk about the world together this Friday during convo time (10:50 – 11:50am) in Sayles Hill lounge. All students are welcome! Bring your favorite mug and stop by to chat about your ideas and perspectives on social justice. Tea and cookies will be provided.
  • Masters program at Perimeter Insti

    The deadline is approaching for students to apply for Perimeter Scholars International masters program. Applications will be accepted until February 1.

    PSI is a master’s-level course in theoretical physics designed to bring highly qualified and exceptionally motivated graduate students to the cutting edge of the field in an inclusive training environment.

    This unique Master’s program, in partnership with the University of Waterloo, seeks not only students with stellar undergraduate physics and/or mathematics track records, but also those with diverse backgrounds, collaborative spirit, creativity, and other attributes that will set them apart as future innovators.

    Program features

    • Removal of financial barriers: Most students who receive and accept offers of admission to PSI will receive a full scholarship. Perimeter Institute also helps with travel arrangements and any necessary visas or study permits.
    • Students learn from many of the leading minds in theoretical physics while earning a Master’s degree from the University of Waterloo.
    • Collaboration is valued over competition; deep understanding and creativity are valued over rote learning and examination.
    • PSI recruits worldwide: 85 percent of students come from outside of Canada.
    • PSI seeks extraordinary talent who may have non-traditional academic backgrounds, but have demonstrated exceptional scientific aptitude.

    Ways to investigate this opportunity

    Application deadline: February 1, 2023.