• NO Physics Table this week!

    Instead, see the post about an alternative lunch!

  • Lunch for Helen, Barry, and everyone!

    Join the department in saying “Welcome Helen” and “Congrats Barry!” over Tuesday lunch.  We’ll bring in food from El Tri to celebrate.  Come eat during common time this Tuesday, down in the Ground State.

  • Oak Ridge Science Semester

    The Oak Ridge Science Semester (ORSS) offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates to immerse themselves in research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the nation’s largest multiprogram research laboratory.  The fall 2020 ACM Oak Ridge Science Semester application is available now! The application deadline is quickly approaching, so click HERE for more information.

  • Summer Opportunity: STAQ Quantum Ideas Summer School 2020

    The Quantum Ideas Summer School, June 8-12, 2020 in Durham, NC, is open to Undergraduates, Graduate Students and Industry participants. Participant support is funded by the National Science Foundation.

    Topics covered include: Fundamentals of Quantum Information, Quantum Algorithms, Trapped Ions, Superconductors, Spins in Semiconductors, Quantum Architecture, Quantum Error Correction.

    Confirmed Lecturers: Kenneth Brown, Fernando Calderon-Vargas,  Fred Chong, Peter Love, Akimasa Miyake, Chris Monroe, Maika Takita.

    Applications close on Friday, March 20. Registration and more details: https://staq.pratt.duke.edu/summer-school

    Margo Ginsberg | Program Coordinator and STAQ Administrator
    Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Duke University
    Mailing: Box 90528, Durham, NC 27708

    Office: 701 W Main St, Suite 400, Durham, NC 27701


  • Attend a Medical Physics conference!

    AAPM is holding a conference in Minneapolis in the spring of 2020 for which we have funding for complimentary registration and ancillary activities for some college students for Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in physics to learn a little more about the field of medical physics as a possible career choice. Students can read about last year’s meeting here, as well as about the AAPM here (the 2020 meeting website will be available closer to the meeting). The meeting will be held at the Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, the Depot.
    Any students interested in this opportunity, can contact Jess directly at JFagerstrom@nmpc.org. Ask about free registration! The funding is offered on a first-come, first-served basis so students who commit early to attending will receive priority.
    Thank you!
    Jessica Fagerstrom, Ph.D., DABR
    Northwest Medical Physics Center
  • Research Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    The Research Associate would support research projects related to energy management, energy efficiency, and sustainability in the US, particularly in the federal sector.  There are currently two recent Carleton physics grads working in similar positions there.  Alum Christopher Payne ’91 will be on campus during the first week of April to talk to students who might be interested in applying.  If *you* are interested, email Trenne, who can connect you with Christopher during his visit to talk about the position.

  • Field Trip to Honeywell

    Click to fill out this form to indicate interest in a trip to Honeywell in the cities!