PHAS Department concerns

Report a concern regarding something directly related to the PHAS department, i.e. "Tuesday PSF named X slept through the PSF session instead of helping students" or "Prof Z talks down to all female students". If your concern is of significant impact (Lab Asst Y is making sexual advances to a first year student) or does not relate to the PHAS department, please use the Carleton College Community Concern Form instead. Submitted forms will go to Trenne Fields, the Department Assistant.
  • Please give a brief description of what prompted you to contact us.
  • Name(s) of specific person(s), if known, or some identifying info (Ex: Intro student with long, curly red hair, Tuesday Maker Space monitor, Professor XY)
  • Give a date and approximate time, if possible, or a range of time (ex: multiple instances during Fall Term) and location (classroom, hallway, outdoor space, etc)
  • If so, please leave your name and email address. This form can be submitted anonymously, though we can't work with you personally to find resolution that way. In any case, your personal information will not be made public.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.