If you have never worked on campus before or if you have not worked at Carleton in the past 12 months, visit the Student Financial Aid website for more information on completing required forms (I-9 & W-2). You cannot teach until these forms are on file.

  • A Student Instructor may receive a maximum of four (4) work hours per week for being the “lead” instructor of a class or a Club Sport that is eligible for PE credit. Students who are designated as a lead instructor have the option to receive 1 PE credit for teaching OR the hourly pay for their work, but not both. Dual-lead instructors may be allowed if class enrollment is 30 or more students. For student instructors co-teaching dance classes (i.e., social, folk, or swing), those student instructors are considered “Dual-Lead” and both instructors may choose 4 hours of student pay per week OR earn 1 PE credit.
  • A second student may assist the lead instructor in the capacity as a Teaching Assistant (TA).  Teaching Assistants may receive a maximum of two (2) work hours per week (there is no PE credit option). This is also the policy for students who assist PE faculty and staff members with their classes.
  • The PEAR Curriculum Coordinator has the discretion to add more lead  instructors or teaching assistants depending on the class size and needs. The PEAR Curriculum Coordinator will be listed as the supervisor on the student instructor’s Web time sheet.
  • It is strongly recommended that students hold a TA position before becoming a lead instructor.
  • Class rosters for student-taught classes can be found on Moodle.
  • Student instructors will receive their class roster from Annie Larson by Week 1 and Week 8 for attendance and grading purposes. Student instructors are required to return this roster to Annie by the end of Week 10.
  • Club sport captains will receive their team rosters from Aaron Chaput by Week 1, and for grading purposes by Week 8 of classes. Captains are required to return this roster to Aaron by end of Week 10.