• Grading is done by the faculty member at the end of every term; grades are submitted online on the Hub. Lead student instructors are required to return their attendance roster to the PEAR department assistant by the end of Week 10. Club sports captains are required to turn in their grades to the club sports director by the end of Week 10.
  • Head coaches give their varsity athletes one PE credit (“S” for Satisfactory or “N” for no credit) for each year they are a member of the varsity team by the end of Week 10 of their season.
  • Students are only allowed to receive one PE credit per term unless they petition the PEAR department chair and receive approval.
  • Taking attendance is required for all credit/no credit classes.
  • Students are only allowed to miss 2 out of the 18 classes to receive credit.
  • Students who are physically unable to participate in or finish class because of an injury, should contact, the PEAR department chair for further requirements.
  • Student instructors will receive their class roster from PEAR department assistant by Week 1 and for grading purposes by Week 8 of classes. Student instructors are required to return their attendance roster by the end of Week 10. Club sport captains will receive their team rosters from the club sports director by Week 1, and for grading purposes by Week 8 of classes. Captains are required to return this roster by end of Week 10.
  • All grades are due by Week 10.
  • All instructors may use Moodle to access class rosters and send distribution emails.

Requirements for Club Sport Credit

4-Credit Clubs: Alpine Ski and Snowboarding, Badminton, Ballroom Dance Team, CUT, Cycling, Eclipse, GOP, Ice Hockey (men’s and women’s), Lacrosse (men’s and women’s), Nordic Ski, Rugby (men’s and women’s), Synchronized Swim, Syzygy, Tennis, Men’s Volleyball, and Water Polo.

Aikido, Karate and Tae Kwon Do Clubs are 4-credit clubs that work in conjunction with the affiliated PE class and can serve as make-up classes if chosen so by their PE instructors.

0-Credit Clubs: Equestrian, Sailing, and Table Tennis.

  • Club sport members are eligible to receive all four (4) of their PE credits by participating in 4-credit club sports.
  • Only one credit may be earned each academic year; this means participants cannot claim a fall and spring season sport as two credits within the same year.
  • Club members may not claim a club sport PE credit in the same term they are also enrolled in a PE class.
  • Club members are responsible for informing captains that they are eligible for PE credit.
  • Individual club members are responsible for registering for their club at the same time as they register for their term classes. This can be done online or via Drop/Add cards at the beginning of the term.
  • Those who wish to receive PE credit must properly register. Going back to retro-actively request credit from a previous term is not an option.

Special Notes to Club Captains

  • Captains will receive a class roster list that must record all practices attended (minimum of 16) to earn the PE credit.  The roster must be signed by the captain at the end of the term and indicate which students met the minimum requirements of attendance.  The roster should be sent to the Sport Clubs Director by the due dates indicated at the beginning of the term.
  • Clubs must choose one term to offer credit each academic year (fall, winter, or spring).
  • During off season terms, all clubs must uphold policies and paperwork as required by the sport club office.

To Apply for PE Club Credit

  • Must submit request to receive PE Credit Form yearly in the term prior to credit being offered.
  • Must have an instructional component.
  • Must meet regularly (3 times per week recommended with a minimum of 18 times per term).
  • Must have a minimum of 10 participants.
    • 0-credit clubs can petition to receive PE credit after two years of the above requirements are met.