The following provides some information about the Carleton College PEAR Department hiring process, in particular what we are looking for in your application for our faculty and staff positions. We have also included links to some useful resources.

The Application

The application requires submission of the following documents, which are described in more detail below:

1) Cover Letter: It is important to describe your previous experience in your cover letter in addition to discussing your interest in this position and Carleton specifically.

2) Résumé/Curriculum Vitae: In addition to discussing your interest in, and qualifications for, this position, please discuss information about any prior teaching and coaching experiences that you have had.

3) Coaching Philosophy Statement: This statement should include your core values as an educator and how your teaching and coaching role enhances the student-athlete experience in an undergraduate liberal arts environment. Your statement is also an opportunity to include discussion of your engagement with and efforts related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and respect in your work. While these ideas might permeate all areas of your work, this is a place to be sure to include your thoughts on these important topics.

4) Contact information for writers of three reference letters: It is important that you explain to those writing recommendation letters for you that you are applying for a position where both teaching and coaching experience is important, so that they can comment on both of these areas.

Zoom Interview

Our Zoom interviews are conducted with the candidate and all members of our Search Committee. The Zoom is typically 1 hour in length, with the committee asking questions and also allowing space for the candidate to ask for more information. Zoom interviews are used as preliminary methods to get to know the candidates that the committee is considering for in-person, on-campus visits, which is the next step in the process.

On-Campus Interview

On-campus interviews usually consist of a full-day agenda, including meetings with the Search Committee, department members, student-athletes (if applicable), the Provost’s office, Admissions office and other pertinent campus offices. Head Coach Candidates should be prepared to give a presentation to student-athletes during their time on campus as well.