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Spring 2021

Will there be intercollegiate sports this spring?

In early March, Carleton approved plans for varsity competition to resume in April 2021. Each affected spring sports program was given autonomy to determine if it wished to opt “in” or “out” of competition this spring. This included deciding whether to participate in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference’s (MIAC) designated schedule for competition or instead only take part in “non-conference” competitions, which could still involve competition against select MIAC opponents.

Per NCAA guidelines, fall and winter sports teams will still be permitted to practice during the spring, but the College elected against having those teams participate in intercollegiate competition.

What is Carleton’s spectator policy for Spring 2021?

Each MIAC institution has its own policy regarding spectator attendance, in accordance with MDH and campus protocols. Spectators will not be allowed at any athletic events hosted by Carleton this spring. The host school determines the spectator attendance policy affecting any competitions where the Knights serve as the visiting team.

Will teams be allowed to travel off-campus for practice and competition?

Teams will be permitted to travel as long as they follow guidelines, including but not limited to:

  • All travel will take place by bus with 50% occupancy and physical distancing in place. (Provided that they are able to maintain social distance guidelines—the men’s & women’s golf teams will be permitted to travel by personal car to practice at nearby Northfield Golf Club and Twin Oaks Driving Range.)
  • Masks must be worn at all times while traveling to/from practice and competition.
  • No overnight travel will be permitted

What other safety protocols will be in place?

In addition to travel restrictions, in order help protect the health and safety of student-athletes and the entire Carleton campus community, the PEAR Department is instituting additional precautions, including but not limited to:

  • Mandatory, frequent testing. During their respective competition seasons, all spring sports athletes and coaches will be tested weekly with a PCR test for COVID-19 as part of Carleton’s targeted testing plan. They will also be tested an additional time each week with a rapid antigen test.
  • Mask mandate. Based on current MDH guidelines, all athletes and coaches must be masked at all times during practice and competition, as well as during travel to and from competition. This rule will also apply to any non-conference opponents traveling to Carleton. 
  • Outdoor only. All competitions and associated activities will take place outdoors. There will be no access to locker rooms or training rooms, meals will be eaten outdoors, and portable toilets will be stationed near the fields. There will be no indoor competitions.

Will athletic teams who are not competing continue to function as teams? Will they have coaches?

It is expected that coaches will engage with their teams and student-athletes under current NCAA and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines. Per NCAA guidance in their 2020 NCAA Division III COVID-19 Question and Answer Guide, a coach may engage in athletically related activity with their student-athlete if the institution does not sponsor competition provided that the athletically related activity is within the declared playing season. (Bylaw 17.1.1).

What will it be like to participate on a team this year?

All student-athletes will continue to be provided with workout plans, academic and personal support, and leadership development opportunities by our coaching staff per current NCAA and MDH guidelines. Regardless of their location (on or off-campus), student-athletes will be able to have athletic-related meetings online with coaches. Student-athletes not on campus will not be permitted to participate in individual or small group in-person workouts. All activities will be held in accordance with federal, state, local, and institutional safety guidelines as well as NCAA guidelines.

Will there be different rules for contact and non-contact sports?

At this time, these will be different per current NCAA and MDH phasing guidelines.

What will practice look like for winter sports that require an indoor facility?

All indoor practices will follow current NCAA and MDH phasing guidelines for athletics and facilities.

Will locker rooms be available for student use?

We will follow current NCAA and MDH phasing guidelines for athletics and facilities. Locker rooms will not be available during Phase I of the PEAR Facility Reopening Plan. After that, locker rooms will be available on a limited basis, and students will be asked to follow Carleton’s facility phasing regarding wearing a face covering inside buildings on campus. Our custodial staff will have enhanced daily cleaning protocols in place for our athletic facilities, including locker rooms.

Will athletic spaces, such as fields, courts, and the Arboretum be available for student use or for student-led workouts and optional practices?

Students are encouraged to utilize Carleton’s outdoor spaces. Social distancing should be maintained, and per campus expectations, masks must be worn when it is difficult to maintain at least a six-foot distance from others. While Carleton is following MDH guidelines regarding the number of people permitted to gather for events or meetings, varsity teams and sport clubs should check with their coach or the Sport Clubs Director for more information about further limitations due to upcoming team practice pod sizes.

Will teams have access to the Strength and Conditioning facilities?

Carleton intends to provide modified strength and conditioning sessions for student-athletes. The schedule will be different from past years to allow for increased sanitation and physical distancing procedures as well as the use of outdoor spaces. Additional safety procedures will be communicated to student-athletes by the staff.


When will the Rec Center, West Gym, Cowling, and Laird Stadium reopen?

As we support the objective of preventing the spread of COVID-19, the PEAR Department will be utilizing a phased approach to opening its buildings for use. More information about facility schedules, entry to the buildings, and user expectations in the Reopening FAQ for PEAR and Recreation Center.

Phase 1 – Essential Services (dates TBD) — In this initial phase, PEAR facilities will only be accessible for use by our PE classes. Course instructors will share information with students about building access.

Phase 2 – Limited Services(dates TBD) —Upon safe completion of Phase 1, the PEAR Department will open up some facilities for use by students/faculty/staff on campus.

PHASE 3 – Enhanced Services (dates TBD) — Upon safe completion of Phase 2, the PEAR Department will increase service offerings in our facilities for use by students/faculty/staff on campus. This phase will begin a minimum of two weeks after the start of Phase 2.

PHASE 4 – Full Services (dates TBD) — The PEAR Department will return to full service and amenities.

When will outdoor PEAR Facilities be open for use? (fields, tennis courts, outdoor track)

The following PEAR spaces are open for use:

  • Bell Field Tennis Courts
  • Laird Stadium Outdoor Track
  • Arbroretum
  • Practice fields

Please adhere to the posted social distancing guidelines at each facility.

Varsity Student-Athlete Eligibility

How is my NCAA eligibility affected if my sports has a shortened competition season?

On July 9, 2020, the NCAA announced that Division III student-athletes will not be charged with participation for the entire 2020-21 season.

For additional information, you may check the NCAA Division III COVID-19 Question and Answer Guide for 2020-21.

If a student-athlete chooses to take a term or the entire year off (or take classes away from campus and thus be unable to practice/compete with their team), how does that affect their standing on their team?

Student-athletes should make the best decision for themselves and their team. Those that elect to take time off will likely return to eligibility but will be subject to NCAA and MIAC rules and waivers.

Student-Athlete Health Questions

Will student-athletes still need to complete medical forms (uploaded to SportsWareOnline) and eligibility forms (in Front Rush), as the compliance email stated? Have there been any changes to these protocols?

Yes. All 2020-21 student-athletes received an email detailing the medical and eligibility forms that need to be filled out prior to the first day of practice. This information can also be found on our website here.

All student-athletes will receive information regarding the current clearance requirements for diagnosed/assumed cases of COVID-19 with regards to athletic participation. Depending on the severity of symptoms, some clearances may require specific cardiac screening that should be performed prior to arriving on campus. Additional requests for completing online forms, baseline screening and education will be sent later this summer. 

Will varsity student-athletes have access to Athletic Training services?

Yes, but access and services will be limited. All visits will require an appointment, and overall volume will be kept to a minimum. Daily pre/post-activity treatments such as e-stim, hot packs and whirlpools may be suspended. Regular athletic taping procedures may be replaced. Injury evaluation and referral services will continue to be available. Physical distancing, masking, and hand-washing/sanitizing requirements will be enforced. All athletes will need to have a personal water bottle for practices and workouts, and it will be the athlete’s responsibility to clean their water bottle on a daily basis.

How will Sports Medicine services operate?

The Athletic Training Room will use telehealth and in-person appointment systems for evaluation, treatments, and rehabilitation of injuries/illness for both on-campus and off-campus student-athletes throughout the 2020-21 academic year. Care standards will remain the same, but could take longer due to capacity limits, daily screenings, temperature checks, and new safety procedures. Additional safety procedures will be communicated to student-athletes by the Sports Medicine staff.

How will Team Physician Services operate?

Telehealth and in-person visits with team physicians will be available on a schedule and location to be determined

What student-athlete personal hygiene guidelines are in place?

Student-athletes will be expected to follow all College public health guidelines when entering campus buildings. This includes but is not limited to washing hands frequently and wearing a face covering. At this time, all faculty, staff, and students are required to wear a face covering that covers both their nose and mouth at all times while in the presence of others or while in indoor public spaces (e.g., common workspaces, restrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, meeting rooms, classrooms, laboratories, etc.). Face coverings are required to be worn in outdoor public spaces when physical distancing of six feet or greater cannot be maintained.

Are there certain medical conditions, in relation to COVID-19, that might preclude me from participating in organized athletic activity?

As outlined in the NCAA Resocialization of Sport document, specific underlying medical conditions such as moderate to severe asthma; immunocompromised status; severe obesity; diabetes; or additional heart, lung, kidney, or liver disease have all been identified as conditions that may place an individual into a higher-risk category. It is recommended that individuals with increased risk factors refrain from participation in the early stages of organized athletic activity. The presence of increased risk factors may require additional documentation from your primary physician, and all final participation clearances are at the discretion of the Sports Medicine Staff.

PEAR Sport Clubs

What if I have questions about sport clubs?

Please contact Aaron Chaput, Director of Sport Clubs, with any questions regarding sport clubs.

PE classes

Will there be Questions about PE Classes? If so, when will those be offered?

Yes, we will be offering PE class opportunities both in-person and virtually. More information about course offerings and schedules can be found here.


Can a prospective student-athlete visit the Carleton campus now or in the near future?

Carleton has suspended all visit programs and visits to campus until further notice. Please see the Carleton Admissions Visit page for more information. Additionally, prospective student-athletes should fill out the recruit questionnaire for their sport(s).