Welcome to the philosophy department! We hope we get to meet you in some our classes. Our website contains all kinds of information about the major, the minor, classes and the people in the department.

Everyone is welcome

Our department strives to create a welcoming environment for everybody. We are especially keen to make the department, and the major, a place where people from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in philosophy feel supported and welcome.

To that end, the department runs a Minorities and Philosophy Group, run by Professors Allison Murphy, Anna Moltchanova and Hope Sample for anyone who wants to talk philosophy outside the classroom. Interested? Keep your eye out for events on the calendar.

Thinking about majoring?

Why would someone want to take philosophy courses…let alone major in it? The quick answer is, “Because they really like it.” And you won’t know if you really like it until you try it. So take a philosophy course!

Philosophy grapples with fundamental questions about the nature of…well everything! Justice, morality, reality, society, gender, race, science. You name the subject, and there is (probably) a “Philosophy of” that subject.

Carleton alums answer the question, “Why Study Philosophy?”

Studying philosophy inculcates reading and thinking skills that will serve you well no matter what you do. It will help you identify and question assumptions; express your ideas clearly; and learn how to support your convictions with evidence and argument.

Finally, philosophy majors do well after college. Hard to believe, right? But it’s true! Just take a look at these resources:

Have questions?

If you have questions about the department, you can write the Chair Daniel Groll or one of our two Student Departmental Advisers, Luisa Cichowski and William Phillips-Longley