Current studies

Our studies take place in Olin, room 010. The lab is accessible both by stairs and elevator.

We have currently halted data collection for all of our in-person studies.

All studies are run in soundproof booths.

Blinky Dot 3.1
In this study, you will listen to words in background noise and respond to those words. To participate, you must be 18-30 years old, have no diagnosed hearing or language processing disorders, and be a native English speaker (in this case meaning you learned English before age 3). You will earn $11 for 60 minutes of participation.
To sign up, visit:


Please contact the principal investigator Professor Julia Strand ( with any questions.

Directions to the Perception Lab

The Perception Lab is located in the basement of Olin, room 010. Walk through the main entrance of the building, walk down the stairs, and follow signs for “Perception Lab” and “010.” You can also enter Olin from Evelyn M. Anderson Hall.