Sept 2022: The lab is not currently recruiting but may be later on this academic year. If we are looking to recruit new students, we’ll post the opportunity on the Psyc interest list!

Do you have an interest in cognitive psychology, linguistics, and/or perception? Are you looking for research experience and perhaps authorship on a poster/article to strengthen your graduate school applications? The Perception Lab is recruiting research students!

We will be conducting research on the cognitive processes supporting speech perception in difficult listening conditions and the mechanisms underlying audiovisual integration (see our research page for more information). The Perception Lab is also committed to open science practices, so lab time will also be devoted to discussing and learning about topics in meta-science.

Research students will read and become familiar with the literature on this topic, attend weekly lab meetings to discuss research, run participants, assist with data analysis and interpretation, and prepare posters for academic conferences or manuscripts. Research students enroll in 2 credits of Psych 300 with an expectation of 6-8 hours of work per week (3-4 hours per credit). Scheduling in the lab is quite flexible; timing for lab meetings and other commitments are determined based on mutual availability.

If you are a highly motivated first year, sophomore, or junior with a background (or interest) in psychology, cognitive science, linguistics, or computer science and can make at least a two-term commitment to working in the lab, please fill out the form below. The lab is committed to diversity in all forms, so students from groups that have been historically excluded from science are particularly encouraged to apply.

Note that you should think carefully about your responses to the prompts below, as they will be used to determine who is invited to interview.

We will be recruiting new students to start in spring term of 2022. Please fill out this application before Friday, January 28th 2022 to be considered! Interviews will be held during week 5 of winter term, so you’ll know prior to registration if you’ll have a position in the lab.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Julia Strand ( or any of the current research students.

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