Peer Leaders

In a given academic year, hundreds of students are employed as Peer Leaders across twelve Carleton offices. These roles not only allow students the platform to work with staff to create programming, resources, and peer support for the campus community, but also offer students opportunities to think critically about and commit diligently to their own development and skill attainment. 

The Peer Leader Program

While each office provides a unique personal and professional experience for its student staff, the Peer Leader Program serves to synthesize the work of all twelve offices into one developmental experience for students’ current and prospective aspirations. This effort is coordinated by a dedicated group of staff supervisors called the Peer Leader Committee.

Career Center

Student Career Assistants (SCAs) support students with career content and work with them to create compelling application materials. Topics include: exploring majors and occupations, pursuing internships and jobs (both domestic and international), writing and editing cover letters & résumés, preparing for interviews, networking effectively, applying for funding for internships, etc. SCAs also do campus outreach through programming throughout the year. The SCA position will allow you to develop a wide range of transferable skills for your future!

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Gender & Sexuality Center

The Gender & Sexuality Center Associates (GSCAs) are responsible for fostering campus community through programs, education, outreach, and student support as it relates to gender & sexuality and LGBTQIA+ communities. Each GSCA will hold one of our three roles: Marketing & Communications, Campus Education & Resources, and Programming & Mentorship. GSCAs will gain experience in peer education, event planning, resource-building, facilitation, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, and more. 

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Office of Accessibility Resources

Becoming an Accessibility Resource Peer Leader is an opportunity to positively impact Carleton and the greater community. Our peer leaders have the opportunity to mentor and support first-year students, provide academic support to peers, promote positive disability culture through the implementation of campus activities, and help with program development. Qualified and interested students may also have the opportunity to collaborate with Accessibility Resources staff on original social science research to further knowledge and understanding of disabilities.

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Disability Services Peer Leaders

Office of the Chaplain

Chaplain’s Associates (CAs) are a vital part of the team working to enhance religious diversity and deepen the spiritual and ethical life of the campus. CAs attend weekly Chapel services and staff meetings; work on special projects (e.g. discussion groups, religious road trips, meditation or prayer groups, social justice activities, etc); meet with representatives of student religious groups. CAs should be supportive of religious diversity without compromising their own convictions. A Chaplain’s Associate must possess initiative, openness to the new or unfamiliar, a willingness to share and speak out about his/her/their own faith, an ability to listen to others, and an eagerness to grow and learn.

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Chaplain's Associates

Office of Health Promotion

Acting as the student arm of the Office of Health Promotion (OHP), Student Wellness Advocates (SWAs) utilize evidence-based public health approaches to disseminate health and well-being information to the Carleton community. Some of the programs and resources the SWAs support include the SWA Dog Program, SWA Stalls, Sleep Coaching, and Wellness Workshops.

Office of Health Promotion position description

Office of Intercultural Life

The Office of Intercultural Life provides resources and programs on issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity. OIL centers the experiences of students of color while working collaboratively to create a campus-wide culture of understanding and authentic living. The OIL Peer Leader program supports first-year students’ smooth transition to Carleton through mentorship, social events, and skill-building workshops. OIL Peer Leaders offer new students a personal perspective on the experience of living, growing, and succeeding in the Carleton community.  

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Office of International Student Life

International Student Life provides resources and programming for international students to help provide an equitable and successful experience at Carleton. Our goal is to foster global citizens who excel inside and outside of the classroom and will represent Carleton around the world. International Peer Leaders help new international students and global nomads transition to life at Carleton, providing mentorship, friendship, and cultural support to a cohort of first-year students. Peer Leaders are expected to focus on strengthening our community that celebrates individual differences and inclusivity.

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Residential Life

Resident Assistants (RAs) help create a healthy, safe, and thriving environment where students can gain experience, be involved and develop their interpersonal, and academic potential while living in the halls and houses at Carleton. While building a community, RAs assist residents with their adjustment to living with other students. RAs work with students to develop a sense of respect for self, others, and property while helping residents learn civility and gain an understanding of diversity. RAs focus on educational and social engagement, while also encouraging the exploration of identity development.

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Resident Assistants

Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response

SMPR Peer Educators support the Office’s mission to address the causes of sexual misconduct and to share resources to all members of our campus community who are impacted by sexual misconduct. Peer Educators have the opportunity to directly impact the Carleton community through designing and implementing active and passive programs on topics including healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, bystander intervention, and Title IX.

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Note: SMPR is not currently hiring for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Student Activities Office

The Student Activities Office (SAO) develops and coordinates a variety of social, recreational, cultural, and developmental programs and services. In conjunction with The Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) and The Carleton Student Association (CSA), we offer and support programs and services designed to challenge beliefs, educate others, inspire the individual, entertain the soul, and create a sense of campus community and pride.

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SAO Peer Leaders

Sustainability Office

Sustainability Assistants (STAs) help to carry out campus-wide sustainability initiatives and serve as a resource for students, faculty, and staff. STAs report to Carleton’s Director of Sustainability. Each STA generally focuses on 1-2 areas of expertise, but all STAs are expected to assist with major events such as Climate Action Week and Earth Week planning efforts. We build literacy and support cultural and structural change.

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TRIO / Student Support Services

The TRIO peer leaders help fellow TRIO students thrive at Carleton through a variety of efforts. Peer leaders plan and coordinate many activities, mentor first-year students, and assist TRIO staff with office tasks and the lending library.

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TRIO Peer Leaders

The Peer Leader Committee was created to unify and strengthen the Peer Leader program. This Committee has two main goals:

  1. To develop a successful and inclusive combined Peer Leader training program; and
  2. To identify how to best utilize the talent, energy and spirit of the Peer Leaders in assisting fellow students in a collaborative manner.

In pursuing these goals, the committee hopes to build camaraderie among Peer Leaders, promote greater understanding of the varied resources available to students, and ultimately lead to a higher level of student satisfaction and development.

Goals of the Peer Leader Program

Carleton’s peer leader program provides leadership development experiences to more than 200 student employees across 12 campus offices. Peer Leaders develop skills in a collaborative work environment and are involved in leading programs and services with peers, staff, and faculty to help create a welcoming and inclusive campus community. They serve as ambassadors for their offices and connect students to vital resources offered by the college. Peer leaders receive intentional coaching, engage in on-going self-reflection, and participate in other opportunities to grow into outstanding young leaders fully prepared to succeed in life after graduation.


Provide intentional opportunities for student employees to develop leadership and practical skills during their time at Carleton. 


Carls are engaged in life-long learning that prioritizes their individual growth and continued development. 


As a collective of Student Life offices and friends of the division, the Peer Leader program strives to embody these values:

  • Holistic Development: We focus on each Peer Leader as a whole person, providing ongoing personal and professional development opportunities and support through their successes and failures.
  • Connection: We foster individual connections for mentorship as well as community connections through opportunities to interact with Peer Leaders from other campus offices.  
  • Critical Reflection: We encourage office supervisors and Peer Leaders to engage in critical reflection on their skill development and experiential learning.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in the Peer Leader Program, Carleton Peer Leaders will:

  • Develop tools for effective communication
  • Demonstrate a valuing of difference
  • Practice ethical reasoning
  • Exercise collaboration
  • Demonstrate self-awareness
  • Manage complexity effectively