Carleton Parents Fund

An important part of the Parents Advisory Council’s mission is to support the Carleton Parents Fund and further the strategic initiatives of the Carleton Community.

The Carleton Parents Fund is a way for parents to support the exceptional Carleton experience for all students. Tuition and fees don’t cover the entire cost of attending Carleton, and gifts from parents, alumni and friends help close the gap.

Make a Gift

Students Kifaya Taha and Jennifer Lor

Promoting Diversity

Carleton believes that diverse student perspectives lead to a better community. Part of the Carleton Parents Fund goes toward providing financial aid to talented students who come from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.

Lab Classroom

Learning and Teaching

Carleton is committed to student academic success. That’s why a portion of the Carleton Parents Fund goes toward keeping class sizes small so that faculty can maintain supportive relationships with students. Funds also support an array of study abroad opportunities and current academic materials.

Student Org Fair

Student Life

Carleton students have access to a rich array of experiences outside the classroom, too. The Carleton Parents Fund supports internships, externships, student organizations, civic engagement, performing arts and more.


Carleton Athletic Initiative

A student needs to be physically and socially engaged in order to be successful. Part of the Carleton Parents Fund goes toward enriching all aspects of physical education and recreation at Carleton, including 18 varsity and 24 club sports programs.