These are major projects completed by CSA Officers and/or Senators.

On-going Working Groups (as of Feb. 6th 2017)

CSA Reforms: This working group seeks to establish reforms and updates to CSA Committee processes. Examples of this group’s work include reforming budgeting bylaws regarding Conference funding, creating a Senator reporting system, and establishing a document outlining responsibilities for every Senator’s role in CSA. For contacts email (

CSA Textbook Library: This working group seeks to establish a CSA Textbook Library. Utilizing donated textbooks from community member of Carleton, we seek to establish a textbook library made by and used by students on this campus. The priority of this library is to offer textbooks to eligible non-TRIO and DACA students on campus, but we seek to reach out to the larger campus as well. For contacts email (,,,

Mental Health: This working groups seeks to implement ways in which to improve the mental health and wellness environment of Carleton College for its students. We are collaborating with SHAC and the Office of Health Promotion to better understand avenues in which to support students on this campus. For contacts , email (,,,,

Media and Publication: This working group is established to promote, produce and make media and publications items in regards to CSA Senate activities (e.g. CSA Elections, CSA Documentary, CSA Posters). It also plans ways to improve the CSA Team atmosphere through socials and activities. For contacts , email (,,

Title IX: This working group seeks to complete a two-fold project. Firstly, it aims to draft new scenarios to be used during new iterations of the GreenDot Bystander Training. Secondly, it is in discussion of drafting an amendment to the CSA Bylaws that would bar students confirmed to be in violation of sexual misconduct policy from applying and running for Senate. For contacts, email (,,,,,

Past Working Groups

Letter to the Title IX Coordinator Candidates on Rape Culture at Carleton: This working group, in collaboration with student-at-large members and offices on campus drafted a letter addressed to the candidates for the full-time Title IX Coordinator Position that gives context to how rape culture manifests on campus and questions and concerns the student body holds (drawn from a survey administered by the working group).

Major Projects

CSA Senate Documentary 2017