Resolution for Divestment from the State of Israel, In Solidarity with the People of Palestine in Support of a Full Ceasefire

CSA Resolution WI24 #1

February 19, 2024

Whereas, we, the Carleton College CSA, work to ensure that people are able to “find inventive solutions to local, national, and global challenges”, as defined in Carleton College’s (hereafter “Carleton”) Mission Statement. As a result, we believe in the shared humanity of all people and affirm it as a common value held by Carleton.

Whereas, The ongoing bombardment in the Gaza Strip comes in the context of the 75-year displacement of Palestinians and 56-year illegal military and settler occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, and the 17-year blockade of Gaza; and

Whereas, We recognize the right to self-determination and the peaceful, safe futures of the Palestinian people,

Whereas, The Government of the State of Israel is engaging in collective punishment of Palestinian civilians; and the Palestinian people are now facing a humanitarian catastrophe; and

Whereas, Palestinians living in Gaza are being killed at an unprecedented rate. Over 22,000 Gazans – including at least 8,500 children – have been killed in 93 days, meaning 1 child in Gaza is killed every 10 minutes. Over 300 medical workers and over 100 journalists have been killed. Proportional to population, the death toll in Gaza is the equivalent of about 3.1 million American deaths. In addition, over 50,000 Gazans are wounded, and over 7,000 are missing under the rubble; and

Whereas, The Government of The State of Israel has bombed civilian entities indiscriminately, destroying or damaging: at least two-thirds of all homes in northern Gaza; 23 hospitals and 141 medical facilities; 70% of schools; over 100 places of worship; bakeries; refugee camps; roads; and other essential infrastructure. This has destroyed access to food, clean water, healthcare, shelter, and sanitation essential to human life and caused mass displacement of as many as 90% of Gazans; and

Whereas, We unequivocally condemn the targeting and killing of Palestinian civilians – a violation of international law; and

Whereas, The World Health Organization, United Nations, Save the Children, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, His Holiness Pope Francis, more than 120 countries, and countless other organizations in Minnesota and around the world have called for a ceasefire to end the violence and suffering in the Gaza Strip. Doctors Without Borders has advocated for, “a total ceasefire and the unconditional supply of humanitarian aid, including access to food, fuel, and water. The survival of people in Gaza depends on this”; and

Whereas, In the interest of maintaining Carleton’s values as outlined in its Mission Statement, we call for the Carleton Board of Trustees to immediately divest from military institutions invested in the Israeli military, as outlined in the attached Divestment Proposal;

So be it resolved, that the Carleton College CSA supports SJP’s Resolution and Divestment Proposal, and use our authority to:

  1. Support an end to U.S. military funding to the State of Israel, and an end to U.S. tax dollars contributing to humanitarian catastrophe and loss of life.
  2. Support a full, immediate, and permanent ceasefire, along with urgently needed humanitarian aid as a necessary step towards lasting peace, as well as ensure the release of thousands of Palestinians held indefinitely without cause and trial in Israeli military prisons.
  3. Support the Divestment Proposal, as it is highly meritorious, as attached, with the full authority of the Carleton College CSA. Furthermore, delegate that CRIC (Carleton Responsible Investment Committee) review all of Carleton’s investments, public and private, to evaluate their involvement in Israel’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians.
  4. Support the free speech of faculty, staff, and students when speaking out in favor of Palestine.

Resolved, in order to promote clarity, being a signatory to this proposal is not necessarily a statement of concurrence with the ideology of Carleton College’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, but a statement of concurrence with the four listed actions above.

Resolved, that the CSA President should present this Resolution to President Alison Byerly, Dean of Students Carolyn Livingston, and Co-Chairs of the Carleton Responsible Investment Committee Daniel Groll and Olivia Corbo ’24.

Sponsored by:
Carleton College Chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine

Approved by:
Quinn Buhman ‘24, CSA President

(I hereby affirm that the above electronic signature represents my authentic signature and approval of this resolution on this date, February 19, 2024.)

Attested by:
Ian Rothfeld ‘27, CSA Secretary

(I hereby affirm that the above electronic signature represents my authentic signature and approval of this resolution on this date, February 19, 2024.)