Resolution In Support of a Joint Statement of Student Governments

CSA Resolution SP24 #2

May 6, 2024

Whereas, the President of Columbia University called the NYPD to remove 108 peaceful student protesters from Columbia’s campus on 18 April 2024; and 

Whereas, 55 Barnard College students were indefinitely suspended and evicted from their dorms; and 

Whereas, suspended students were unable to access food, housing, and classes through the inactivation of their student IDs; and

Whereas, the CSA protects and advocates for students’ rights and freedoms; and 

So be it resolved, that the CSA supports student protests through signing the Joint Statement in Solidarity with the Students at Barnard College, Columbia University and Colleges across the United States; and 

Resolved, that the CSA implores the College to protect students’ rights to academic freedom, welfare, and peaceful protest; and

Resolved, that the CSA President shall send this Resolution to the College President and inform the Board of Trustees of this Resolution.

Sponsored by:

CSA Executive Board 2024-2025

Approved by:

Kaori Hirano ’25

Attested by:

Ian Rothfeld ’27