Resolution For Facilitating Student Voting

CSA Resolution SP24 #1

May 6, 2024

Whereas, Carleton College prides itself on its service to the broader community;

Whereas, Carleton College encourages its students to engage in civic activities;

Whereas, voting constitutes among the most important civil rights;

So be it resolved, CSA urges the Carleton College faculty, administration, and off-campus programs to support students’ ability to vote in the 2024 United States general election.

Resolved, that CSA encourages Carleton College faculty to:

  1. Refrain from holding exams and quizzes or issuing significant deadlines on election day (11/5/2024) and the day after (11/6/2024)
  2. Remind students to vote through syllabi and in-class 

Resolved, that the Off-Campus Studies Office and Off-Campus Studies Program Directors should encourage and assist students, where possible, in voting by mail.

Resolved, that CSA asks the President and Provost of Carleton College to encourage faculty to abide by this resolution.

Resolved, that the CSA President should present this Resolution to the President and Provost of Carleton College.

Sponsored by:

Gabriel Kaplan ’25

Approved by:

Kaori Hirano ’25

Attested by:

Ian Rothfeld ’27