Student Projects Committee (SPC) is the Carleton Student Association’s project-funding arm. Senate tasks the committee with recommending potential projects to the Senate. And Senate will then in turn send them to the student body for approval.

The SPC meets weekly to review project proposals, and work with students to bring their ideas to fruition.

What do we look for?

As our description implies, the SPC works in collaboration with students, college staff members, and other Carleton offices to bring student ideas and projects to fruition. We review each and every idea that is submitted to the committee, regardless of what stage in the planning process it may be in.

The goal of the committee is to identify projects that benefit Carleton in the long term. We are disinclined to fund temporary things such as student travel and one-time events. For information about funding those requests, visit the Budget Committee page.

Who is on the Committee?

The committee is chaired by the CSA Treasurer, and is made up of two CSA Senators, & four Students-At-Large.