For funding and administrative questions see the funding and administration FAQs.

What committees form student government?

Senate, Budget Committee, Student Projects Committee, Governance Committee, and Appointments Committee mainly.

Senate approves funding allocations, student projects, charters and appointments, sets student government policy and make recommendations on College policy.

Budget Committee recommends funding allocations for individuals and organizations to Senate.

Student Projects Committee solicits, recommends and, with formal approval, implements student projects on campus that will benefit many students for a long time.

Governance Committee recommends charters for approval to Senate, interprets the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Order and formalizes language in referenda and other documents.

Appointments Committee recommends students for positions on all committees in student government and some committees in College governance.

When are committee meetings? Can students attend them?

Students can attend Senate, Budget Committee, Student Projects Committee and Governance Committee meetings.

Senate meets at 7:00 pm on Mondays in either the Great Hall or Weitz 236. Contact the CSA President for more details.

Budget Committee meets at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays in Sayles 252. Contact the CSA Vice President President for more details.

Student Projects Committee meets at 4:00 pm on Sundays in the Student Activities Office. Contact the CSA Treasurer for more details.

Governance Committee meets as needed throughout the term. Contact the CSA Vice President for details.

What happened at the previous Senate, Budget Committee meeting? Why are the minutes not published yet?

Senate approves all committee meeting minutes from the following week on Monday. And the CSA Secretary usually posts the minutes in the next few days. You can read the Senate Minutes and the Budget Committee Minutes. If you have an urgent question about what happened, you can contact the CSA Secretary or, if you have a question about funding, you can contact the CSA Vice President.

How can Senate help me, my cause, my club?

Senate helps by proving funding, discussing topics, and passing resolutions. Also, if you have a concern about any aspect of campus, you can contact the CSA President or someone you know in Senate (see a list of current representatives).

Forming working groups: Senate sometimes forms working groups-a group of Senators and sometimes students-that meet outside of Senate to advance issues.

Passing resolutions: Senate sometimes approves resolutions to support a cause such as the Northfield Option Resolution and the Resolution on Divestment.

Chartering organizations: Senate formally recognizes organizations by chartering them, which gives them additional publicity and funding options.

Funding organization budgets: Senate approves Budget Committee’s recommendations on funding organizations.

Appointing students to committees: Senate approves Appointments Committee’s recommendations on appointing students to serve on committees.