After creating the Cultural Organization Fund in the Fall of 2020 without making any changes to Spring Concert, the CSA Senate and Budget Committee created guidelines and discussed the possibility of requiring the Budget Committee to allocate funding to ensure the Cultural Org Fund is funded up to at least $30,000 each year.

The Senate motioned to send this matter to a student body vote: 

Do you support the addition of a CSA Bylaw that stipulates that the CSA Budget Committee must allocate money to ensure the Cultural Organization Fund is filled up to at least $30,000 each year? (Yes/No)

(EX: if there is already $15,000 in the fund the Budget Committee would have to allocate at least another $15,000 to ensure it has $30,000 for the year) 

To decide on this bylaw amendment, we kindly ask you to vote in the upcoming Referendum (7th Thursday – Sunday). The Referendum question will be at the bottom of the elections ballot. This CANNOT be decided without YOUR vote!

For more information on this referendum please review the currently approved guidelines of the Cultural Organization Fund and feel free to reach out below or send an email to Vice President Brittany Dominguez (dominguezb).

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